An Ode To Aurora


I wanted to post this to honor Aurora. This may come as surprising to some players who know me. But lets be honest here Aurora was a fun alliance to banter with and fight against at their height. They weren't the best alliance I've ever encountered. In fact they were rather mediocre and not well organized. Most of their success came of the efforts of their work horses like Nandil and Zarb. Though by the time I left we had over some 100 conquests on these guys they still could keep things interesting by slipping a few CSes in every few nights just to keep you on edge. They only rarely took them and ultimately were fighting a lost war. But still they did keep things interesting.

Lets give Aurora a little credit their formation is one of the greatest events in Delos history as it seriously shaped the fate of the world. Had they not come along or been crushed or even just worked with LD,ER, or EoD then the world would have been seriously different. How so?

Well for one I doubt that LD would have ever let Myrmidons live as long as it got to live. More than likely LD, ER, and EoD would have converged west and finished off Myrmidons and absorbed their best players. This in turn would have made it near impossible for Delos Imperium to rise. Because of this the LD, ER, and EoD coalition would have lost serious power if not fallen apart completely as each alliance would have been left with each other and not nearly as many great wars to fight. If it had not been for AU I doubt that Manowar would have been given a chance to thrive either. Given that Myrmidons would have fallen and DI would have more than likely never been more than a blip on the record of the world. Manowar would have been the sole defender of O-45 given how their stats look now and how most of their conquests seem to be ER inactives. I seriously doubt that Manowar would have been able to handle LD at its height. Bear in mind this is a team featuring Forseti, Creghan, IngloriusB, Maciver, and many more powerful players. This means the west would have been practically over run in a matter of months by LD and the north over run by ER along with EoD in the south.

I came here to give honor to Aurora because of these reasons. Given how they have 4 pages of almost straight losses on Grepostats I assume that its only a matter of time until they are no more. But where one mediocre alliance falls another one rises at a MANOWAR sized rate. ;)


I'm not sure I totally agree with what you say, but I will agree that Aurora helped make things more interesting back then.

Bear in mind this is a team featuring Forseti, Creghan, IngloriusB, Maciver, and many more powerful players.

.. too bad IngloriusB and Creghan weren't able to stick around :(


For every good player that falls, several others of the same or similar make can be found if one but looks hard enough.

I think we've found some :)

....but those that have left are missed.


We have enough in Delos to play games with, there are some decent individuals out there. Its a pity some of there alliances weren't up to it but nevermind we will continue to pick the bones of what is left in Delos and maybe earn that long awaited crown.


What a great thread and im going to take it as a compliment that Aurora was a mediocre alliance but disagree about it being ran wrong. The world is winning and Aurora tried to win it, nothing wrong there with the management! I knew from the early start of this world that LD was the top alliance, hey the key was the better invitation from Deathwish - than the one from me to join Aurora. I did try to sign up(before they joined LD) some of the top players you list above - but the Deathwish invitation just edged mine. What a different story it would have been though had I signed up those top players..Im not knocking ANY Aurora member we grew together and they gave their life for the alliance, we just couldnt break down the solid LD door. ZZarb, Ngleslie, Matt, Nandil, Brandicey, Jrfsl and the many others(too many to mention) they were good guys and I would definitely work with them all in another world - it was an extreme pleasure!

The only pact I ever wanted was with HORDE and I admit my sole aim from day one was to take out LD - because you knew and I knew, they were guys that were going to run away with the Delos crown = unless somebody stopped them. The hellfire stuff was just a classic, It was us trying to barter with them in some form of pact, so they support our cities in the core - so we in turn could concentrate primarily on offence and taking the fight to LD. I guess we all knew that we couldnt do it with just HORDE - especially as they wasnt the fighting kind.

Yes I wanted to take out LD from the start and yes we probably would have "used" hellfire to help do the job..But LD had good spies, they were a good alliance. Never should they have merged though - what a waste. The crown was theirs and theirs alone with the name Lacking Diplomacy written in large letters.

Delos, like every world told a great story..And congrats to LD - you played a blinder.
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As exploro was saying things would be different if he joined LD, the same went with me. At the start of the game I had two invitations, one from hellfire and one from Hawklords. The hellfire recruiter messaged me along with the invite so I decided to join hellfire because hawklords didn't seem very good at the time, but if I had accepted the Hawklords invitation one day before I received the Hellfire invitation right now I would be attacking MOW players in the ExLD alliance and the locations of my cities would be very different. I would probably have lots of cities in O55 aswell.