Pnp An Open Letter to Oceans Veterans


Dear OV,

I love you, but you’ve got to get it together. Losing cities every single night should serve as a wake-up reminder. You have time and time again failed to prove that you are a legitimate opponent. You need to ditch the useless Long Term Support and start fighting with real substance. Your alliance founders are preaching a strategy that is only leading to your downfaill and you're eating it up. If you want to know why you keep getting your kicked, all you have to do is look at your own leadership's tactics.

I have nothing personal against your leaders, they're good people that hate like losing as much as you do. But they have done an absolutely terrible job running OV. There was a real chance at the beginning of Gela that you'd prove to be a formiddable Aliance that would take it all the way to Wonders. That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing since it would've kept this world interesting without a clear winner.

To this day, I still cannot understand why you decided to completely abandon all of your frontline cities and decide to start founding on the rim down in 46. It might be a strategy that is acceptable for some, but not for a potential ruler of the world.

That tactic alone single handedly guaranteed your failure on Gela. It’s almost like you wanted to lose... like it was deliberate. What a terrible decision. You colonize a bunch of cities away from any red flag and hope that somehow you'd be able to hold the rest of your cities with Long Term Support. Sure, some cities will be stacked and hard to break through, but you had to realize that no city can stand against an overwhelming organized effort. Colonizing in 46 was like putting a great white shark at the end of a slip n’ slide and saying “Have fun, kids!” Way to stand your ground, geniuses.

The problem is that you have a truly conservative ideology. You’ve become a watered down second-tier alliance. Your stand idly by and watch the rampant destruction of your troops and the constant conquests of your cities. Your morale is failing, you're only building defence, and you haven't gone on the attack in months. People are starting to see you for what you are.

There is a basic strategy on Grepolis that says the aggressor will come out on top. If you, as an alliance, cannot accommodate this, you run the risk of alienating those few good players you have who are tired of waiting for you to grow up and emerge from the dark ages.

The problem is that you focus on defence and "living to fight another day", without realizing that you're only building up cities for the inevitable Krypteian expansion. If you want to beat Krypteia you have to revive true aggression. You’ve got to stop the trend towards more retreating and more defence. It’s time for you to put up a fight.

SonOfMacedon -
Director of Alliance Internal Affairs and Strategic Planning, General of the Krypteian Phalanx Task Force, Captain of the South Oceans, Diplomat of the South-South Eastern Regions, Commodore of the Supreme Oceanic Poseidon Tactical Task Group, Admiral of the Obsidian Joint Fleet Command, Alliance Judge Advocate-General - Justice of the Krypteian Empire, Emergency Response Force 21-A Commanding Officer, Assistant Director of the Office of Personnel Management, Alliance Communications and Cartography Specialist, Assistant to the Manager of Research & Development, Brother of the Order of The T, Starfighter Wing Group Commander, Regional Commander of the Alliance Counter-Intelligence Agency (OTPHJ division).



Dear Chinballs,

OV entered this world with a good number of aggressive players. Some of them left before the fighting even started due to RL, some later. I'll be honest about it - some of those who left later did so because they couldn't spend the time necessary to fight an alliance like Krypteia. We are not a military unit. We are group of people who play the game on the side of their lives as a hobby. With the kind of pressure that was put on some players they saw only one option - either leave Gela or put their alliance at risk. So they did.

Different people have different style of play. Like I said we had aggressive players on the Krypteia frontline. Not so much anymore. We are left with people who attack less. They are good at other things - managing resources, timing support, diplomacy, building a team spirit.. or they're just fun to be around. I am glad we have them.

When you have five, six or more city slots and you can't conquer cities fast enough AND islands around you are full to the last spot then it makes sense to look for different options. The only bad thing about the decision to enter o46 not that it was a bad move from a strategic point of view, but that it wasn't accepted by some players and it caused a divide within the alliance. If you have city slots to spare then getting more cities can't possibly make you weaker. Moving easy targets away from the frontline also doesn't make an alliance weaker.

We entered ocean 46 colonizing a few locations and now we have it under our control with the exception of a few islands. Also we needed to move a few players to a safer location, because they needed a break. As much fun as it is, not everyone can wake up a few times at night to snipe your CSs. Maybe if they were in your alliance you would just kick them and take their cities but we don't do things that way.
We never abandoned our frontline cities. o46 expansion was to fill in empty slots, a source of resources and support and to relocate players whom we didn't want on the frontline against your top attackers.

Yes, the aggressive alliance comes out on top. Yes, defending is a slow death (but it also can be a lot of fun knowing how much it annoys you).
When I get my coffee in the morning I take it with cream and two sugars. If the person behind the counter told me one morning that I have to drink it black with no sugar I would tell them "S**w you." and go to a place that will make my coffee the way I like it. I won't go around telling our members who watch out for others and jump at the opportunity to support someone to change who they are and start planning offensive operations. It doesn't work that way in our alliance. We are not here to please you. If we can't win then we're just fine with annoying the hell out of you. And guessing by the whine fest you posted here it's working.


Kindred, you're right, it annoys the hell out of me. Mainly because I overestimated OV and for a second I thought I'd have a decent enemy to fight. A respectable enemy. Alas in hindsight it is clear I was only daydreaming. By making the move to 46 - and you control all of 46, except for those 226 Immortals cities you forgot about - OV as an alliance virtually admitted defeat and came to terms that they will lose this world. I'm not saying that you should be forcing your members to go on the offensive, but it's quite alarming when out of 111 players there's not a single one that has attempted a CS on a Krypteian island in months.

Sure you had your fun for a bit when you'd take a city or two behind our lines and ask your members for LTS so we can feed you DBP. Let's not kid ourselves, you knew you weren't gonna do anything with those cities and you knew you'd get large amounts of LTS since you're an alliance leader. But aside from your selfish endeavours OV has shown absolutely no aggression whatsoever. How do you justify to your players a strategy that calls for an inevitable defeat? A strategy that dictates you should sit back and watch as you lose your cities? Just sit and watch blue islands turn red one by one? Surely your only motivation can't be just to annoy me?

It's shameful man. No other alliance on Gela has suffered a defeat so embarassing. At the beginning you were the #2 alliance and you were holding your own. Look at you now. You've become the laughingstock of this world. You have pacted with literally everyone surrounding Krypteia and you're still failing miserably. And you personally as an alliance leader, how the heck does that make you feel? To watch your own members losing cities constantly? You have a duty to your guys. You tell me you can't tell your players to go on the attack but hell, it's your responsability to motivate them. It's your damn job to get your troops to fight for the Oceans Veterans name.

It's true, the aggressive alliance comes out on top. But I've never seen an alliance that has so miserably collapsed that their players have lost all will to attack. I have had contact with a lot of players at OV, and you have a hell of a group of good people. People that I respect. So how dare you sit there and tell the world of Gela - tell your own players - that Oceans Veterans is not capable to fight back.

It's ridiculous man. And I feel bad for the guys at OV that have stuck through your decisions to constantly retreat and defend. I feel bad because forever more - not just on Gela but on all Grepolis words - the name Oceans Veterans will be a synonym for defeat and cowardice. Everybody has learned that OV is nothing but a constant disappointment. It's disgraceful. You and the rest of the OV leaders should be ashamed that you've let this happen.


where is your title??

by the way, can you give me a hear count as to how many ex OV members are there in krypt?


Is this a PnP or just some ego broadcast? I love reading PnP's...well good ones and this is not one.


It isn't really a PnP
It is, as the title says, an open letter.