Anarchy 69



Hello and welcome all to Anarchy! We are an alliance who has risen to meet the challenges and the experiences of a new world and to have fun. We are mainly based in ocean 54, but do have members in a few surrounding oceans, but on the borders.

Looking for:

-Players with points above 1000 points

-Active on forums and in helping other members

-willing to fight

What Anarchy offers:

-Support if needed

-Efficient and active forums

-An organization that will be quick to take out any enemy who comes our way.

-A chance to get to the top.

Do not post any rude comments or comments that may be viewed as abhorrent


This is a better recruitment pitch than this merge coldcall message I received from this guy in same alliance.

Look they have special forces don't you just want to join? And if you do have special forces are they not meant to be secret?

Anyway just felt it right to present a balanced picture of Anarchy69. Good luck to you guys I hope you do well;)


Dear Nalahawk,

I am coming to you in the conclusion i came up with after some deep thoughts and time of thinking it through with my alliance that we are looking for small but experinced alliances close to us that would like to "merge" with us. I understand that you may not want to and that is fine this is a friendly request and you guys are near me or on my island and already pact.
So please write me back asap think hard dont just refuse think about it i know the choice is very hard as a founder but let me know.
Thanks for your time and consideration

(Head Recruiter & Special Forces Member)

We would really appreciate it, and i'm 100% confident that you and other leaders of your alliacne can gain positions of power in out alliance. With our combined power we can control all of ocean 64 and seeing that we already control ocean 54, it would boost us into the top alliances of the world. This is a great opprtunity for the both of us.
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these recruitment threads are for recruitment funnily enough :p
If you want to discuss an alliance create a pnp or use top 12 alliances thread.
If you want to insult each other do it somewhere else as insults are not accepted anywhere on the forum.
Thanks fin