Anti-Noob and MRA Alliance

Hello all players out there who really hate the noobs that go around making full capped alliances and saying that they're better than you. We are creating one of this world's first anti-noob alliances and all players that are willing to crush alliances with 30 players + come and join. Torres15 and I are the founders, and we are looking for players that hate MRA's and have a good reputaion. Hate MRA's= Smithy7 Bad Reputation= mrpenguin244 or something like that. We are not taking over 20 players AT ALL and all players capable of wiping out 5 man alliances. We are thinking of naming the alliance noobKILLers or something negative like that but it is currently called Controlled Chaos. Looking for players in ocean 54, 55, and 45.
So far we've decided to go to war with 2 big, annoying MRA's by the names of Fusion and Maelstrom.

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Torres15 is a leader of a MRA in troy. and doesn't know how to run an alliance. You sure you making the right move.
He changed his ways. And yes, I know, he led an MRA. But we decided no more than 20 members and only invite guys that want to come, as well as no more than 2 pacts at a time. Time will tell if he knows how to run an alliance smithy, why don't you come? It will be a bloodbath and your soldiers would be a great addition.


Your best player is below all those "MRA", your BP is below most "MRA" you have members below 1000 (I didn't see any MRA with so low point players).
Sorry I just find it strange how you want to compete with war with 2 big mras + many more that will come...