Anyone know?


I think you'll find speed 1 is for the player with a life outside the game :p

Its here so you can play serious enough but do not have to spend every waking moment glued to your screen and keyboard getting 3 hours sleep a night.

Ya thats true but it does take the least amount of skill. You have plenty of time to plan attacks and defend in speed 1, speed 2 and 3 its a lot harder.


Going on these reports I have to agree this place is full of noobs.
He majieri didn't even have my city in revolt on both occasions.
And the funniest part of all he calls himself the pirate lol

majieri today at 16:01
i didnt want your piddling town.but you wouldnt let it go.enjoy starting over dummy.
the pirate



Also I am inactive,but seen on my phone was under attack so I said I would have some fun with him.
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