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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Australian Army, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Im looking for an alliance willing to take someone in O33. I look like a newby now but just check out the Xi world. Got some points there. I probably sound like an idiot with that intro. :p. Meh?
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    Asking that here will only bring you offers from alliances that only care about getting numbers. You'll soon have lots of invitations to join such alliances without posting here.

    You still have 5 days of beginner protection. Until that ends, you have no need for an alliance unless they were willing and capable of teaching you the ropes. Such alliances don't hunt for members.

    You'd be better off spending your time talking to your neighbours. A few friends on the same island can help you a lot more in times of need than a distant alliance ever could. What's more, you could open a door to joining a better alliance.
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  3. I realise now that i cant delete my own posts :(:Angry:
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    No, you can't delete threads. What you can do is request the moderator to lock the thread. Then it will gradually disappear into the rest of long forgotten threads.

    The forum mod is not online right now. Perhaps the quickest way would be to report your own post and give the request to lock as the reason for reporting.
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    It's not exactly a bad thing to have here, though. If you stay active on the forums, people from the better alliances, are more likely to notice your existence. If you then back that up with solid play in game, it could help with an invite to a decent alliance. Or at least, knowledge of who you are if you want to join a premade in an upcoming world.
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    Well, normally this isn't such a smart idea.

    Most players should only post their applications if they are looking for a very specific alliance.

    That said... I did start an alliance in O33 a couple of days ago. If you want to join our alliance I'll send you an invite.

    P.S. I see you joined the 13th Legion. Not a bad alliance to be sure, but you have only 2 members in O33. Distant alliances are rarely good choices, so consider seeking out more domestic (closer) alliances. Strike Force, KILLUMINATI, the dragon of byzantium, and my own alliance, Montezumas Revenge all have multiple members in O33. These alliances may be better suited for you. That said, good luck in this world!