Apollonia Alliances Issue 2


In this iisue, we have all the latest Alliance gossip, about Najistan! Does admiral naji have a humerous side, was Najistan just a big joke after all? Lets find out , Apollonia Alliances!


I set about doing a interview with Admiral Naji , here is what happened:

Who formed Najistan?
Najistan was formed by 4 people; TetraHydraCarbon, Curly, Arshark and Me(Admiral Naji) of course.

What world was Najistan formed in?
Technically this our first world as " Najistan ".

How did Najistan get to the top spot of the world?
Najistan is a mix of experience, hard-work and activity. Add to it a strong dedicated leadership and you will find your way to the top no matter what.

How active and organised are your OPS?
Our operations are highly organized, our targets are specially marked on the map, with a precise launching time, after all you need to keep everyone active, to do so you need constant good ops.

How good are you going in the war against Pandora Box ?
Well last time I checked the score was 180-12, as we say in grepo therm, nough said.

Thats the interview over! But, we have gained special access to secret files and we found out how Najistan was born!!

It all started back in the good old days of Lindos, we were dominating the world and destroying every alliance in the way. Then Jay(THC) and curly decided to join the rim of Appollo to make the biggest MRA grepolis ever had,that's the plan, or at least was.
They insisted on me joining even though I am not a fan of revolt. First surprise was naming the alliance after me " NajiStan ". few days later alec(CrazyHydra -2-) join the team. While I was busy in Lindos, the three of them created my image of a fearless tyrant, it was a good laugh, jay took charge of the alliance infrastructure, curly took charge of the recruitment, and alec was responsible of our public image.
1 day after our BP ended we were ranked number 2 as ABP alliance even though we were 1 week late, I knew that jay and curly started taking appollo seriously rather then simming.
As times passes, our alliance got bigger and bigger. Alec was first to leave, then curly followed him. Jay was left alone while I was away and he did a great job.
That our little story of what started as a joke and became the best alliance in the world at the moment.v

So Najistan is a joke! it's like the Hippies protesting all over again

The winner of the quiz last time was dues pravus ! a round of applause to him

And the lottery winner was C4R105

No quiz this time, but the lottery is still up! same rules as last time!

Numbers between 50-75

This has been Apollonia alliances.

Note, you can ask for a interview if your alliance has more then 5 members in it and you must pm me on grepolis , not grepolis forums. thank you for your time. for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved
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Nice to get these background's on alliances. I'd give you some rep for the effort of it, but apparently my rep is worth about as much as a Bitcoin will be by 2015...

I'll take number 55 if I may though? :)