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Wars and Stats
Ocean Control
What Do You Think?
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The war between Najistan and Epilektoi is still going but with very little conquests to show for. However the battle points tell a different story. Over the past two weeks Najistan gained about 1 million battle points both offensively and defensively. Epilektoi, on the other hand, only gained a little bit over 1 million battle points in total. Neither side revealed who their allies were. After nearly two and a half months of war against Legion, Vengence had enough and disbanded. According to Raf3kik, former member of Vengence, "we were supposed to join and become academy of Legion, a lot of us didn't agree and that caused instability, the war against legion is still on." So Vengence merged into International Vengence (International Reagles) to continue fighting Legion but some players joined other alliances including Legion or went solo. Another alliance that disbanded this past two weeks was Torque. They were at war with Up Your Oars and were doing decent but they decided to merge into Reservoir Dogs. The Macca Tash went from rank 40 to 15 in only a few days after members of Psychopathic Indulgences joined. The fat lady has finally sung. Also the last few active members that were left in Sesame Street finally decided to leave bring the end to another great alliance.

If I remember correctly zural went into VM, who was left in charge of the alliance? Why did he quit?
lukjackm said:
He quit because work was getting to much for him in real life and he did not have time for it. Cadey50 was left in charge.
.Exile Immortals. conquered two of your cities in 54, whey were they able to take them?
tetrahydrocarbon420 said:
.Exile Immortals. took those cities from hence, he was barely active and was getting mass revolted in 8+ cities daily , he did not provide us with info on the cites he lost then he ghosted.
Stats show that zural was inactive and had no points or BP growth for the past few days, how is that different from the cities you "gave away" to the enemy?
tetrahydrocarbon420 said:
zural was active when we first started taking his cities he was defending and put up militia, lukjack told me he was just going to be away for a few days and wanted the alliance to defend him, unfortunately the leaders decided to tell everyone to recall there defense from his cities so they could take them,, it is different for a few reasons ..

-the cities we let go were 2+ oceans away from support, zurals were frontline Oceans 55/54 most important area for the coalition to gain and keep ground and there support is very close.

- we have no use for random cities out in those oceans, although Epilektoi does have great use for Ocean 55 cities

- the players who lost those cities were active and wanted to give those cities up, while Epilektoi's founder wanted his saved but his alliance betrayed him(this is what lukjack told me), just like they will do to their pacts if we ever end up going away

- and with 12 alliances doing a combined op on us and also those 12 alliances defending epil when we op them , we are smart enough to just let those far out cities go they were deep in enemy territory and would drain too much of our alliances defense, while zurals cities could have easily been defended by the coalition.

Najistan/Naji Street vs Epilektoi/The Macca Tash
13 - 10​

Reservoir Dogs/Pups/Kennel vs The Delian Alliances
200+ - 43​

Bunniez/JackRabbitz vs Up Your Oars
40 - 12​

Legion vs Vengence
55 - 5​

The Delian Alliances vs Tequila Bunch
29 - 5​
Last issue we examined Oceans 54 and 55. This week we will be discussing Oceans 44 and 45. Let's start with Ocean 44. The alliance with the most cities in 44 is Epilektoi. It is pretty safe there for them, but Najistan does have some cities there on the southeast which make for great targets. Bunniez also has some on the northern side of 44.
Green = Epilektoi/The Macca Tash
Red = Reservoir Dogs/Reservoir Pups
Blue = Bunniez
Yellow = Najistan/Naji Street

One ocean down the picture changes. Ocean 45 is mainly controlled by Reservoir Dogs. Here Najistan has a bigger presence than in 44 all over the east side of 45. Epilektoi is also has cities in the same area as Najistan.
Red = Reservoir Dogs/Reservoir Pups
Green = Epilektoi/The Macca Tash
Yellow = Najistan/Naji Street

Najistan vs Epilektoi
For this section I interviewed the members of alliances that have no connection or interactions with either side of the Najistan vs Epilektoi war. They were asked who they thought was going to win and these are some of their responses.

Epilektoi will win.

Sincerely I think Naji is doing not bad at all, they managed to take 11 cities from Epilektoi and I'm sure they will keep them busy for a good time. Naji have proved to be an offensive alliance we didn't see their defensive abilities yet. Anyway if all will go clear and there will be a war just between Najistan VS Epilektoi I think Naji will win this war, unless Epilektoi won't get involved 3rd part in here and will open second front against Naji this way the direction of attacks will change quick.
For sure if Naji wins this war then it will be clear that they will dominate here and they will win the war but same will happen if Epilektoi wins, the difference I see is that Naji is less organized than Epilektoi and less active let's look at some stats:

Najistan VS Epilektoi
Number of members : 39 vs 29
ABP's : 7712311 vs 3165678
DBP's : 3417065 vs 2780592
Oceans control: 5 vs 2

Just after we look at those stats we see that Epilektoi have low chances but their activity can change a lot here.
I see the situation from our side so i will add a map here where you will see Najistan VS Epilektoi and Federation empire with another alliance Vengence , our main alliance have already entered war against Vengence and same we are going to do so we will be the only true power from this side very soon now all the work is after our diplomats if they will come to peace with Naji then they have safe backs if not they have problems here anyway this is a war game and we will see what time have prepared for us here.
The war between Naji and Epi is, as you said, not a war between them only. There are quite a lot alliances involved. Now, I don't know much about the alliances that are in the coalition of Epi so I can not really judge of them, but I do know that the alliances in the coalition of Naji are a very solid group of experienced players and they will only interweave more and more with each other as they are with not so many alliances and haven chosen each other carefully and that gives, as far as I can judge, Naji (and their coalition) better chances of winning (they are more stable).

How it will affect the world? Well, it's obviously going to keep the world busy for a while.
Is a hard question I think both alliances have good and experienced players so is difficult to see who could win. But if I have to guess I'll bet for Najistan they do have the most battle points earned in Apollonia and they have survived big wars before. Apollonia may change when these war is over becoming into a little more boring world.
I expect Najistan to win the war. At first, the Epilektoi coalition is way too big, and full with 'lesser' alliances and players. Just a matter of time before that coalition will collapse. Besides, the Epilektoi coalition does own half of the world but with that comes the 18 oceans they have and the 4 oceans they have to cross to reach Naji. The Najistan coalition owns a few oceans, but they are very dense. With seeing the attacks myself I'm pretty sure Najistan will hold.
Najistan and it shall greatly alter the world. It could allow them to join and aid in other wars. Which would certainly be something interesting to monitor, however, I guess that it is more dependent on competency. Epilektoi could overcome Najistan if they have enough active and dedicated players. I guess it is more up to fate and luck.
I think Naji has the best chance to win from all the talks in the external forums it seems there has been minimal losses by Naj seeing as how there is so many alliances teams up against them.
Right now I personally think that Najistan could have the best chances to win because as far as I know, Najistan has a good and strong alliance, but not only that, some of their players are well experienced and organized, but you never know, this could go either way.
Najistan but to be honest Epilektoi players are very good defenders lots of them probably have defender of the day award so any one could win but personally I think Najistan will win.
I think Najistan has he best chance to win, even if Epilektoi has some high skilled people. I think that Najistan will win cause they work together better than Epilektoi. I think it will make Najistan a more dominant alliance.
Najistan has the best chance to win. It's not going to affect the world much.
Najistan appears to have upper hand seems to be very systematic in there attacks and takeovers.
I personally think Najistan as it is bigger and has more allies.
Most likely Najistan.

Undecided/don't care
Being out on the rim of this world, I have absolutely no contact with either alliance. I can only tell you what I have observed from watching the rankings and from rumors/hearsay, and reading your paper. Having said that, I think there are both similarities and differences between Najistan and Epilektoi that will effect the outcome of their conflict.

Najistan started this world in the beginning and they came in fighting. As far as I know they have been fighting ever since, multiple foes, and winning. I doubt there are many on this server who would question that Najistan knows what they are doing. They are so accustomed to war that not many alliances would pose a threat to them... Except maybe Epilektoi.

Epilektoi came into existence far later than Najistan but were birthed from blood and ever since have done little but shed more. Epilektoi flew up the rankings, sweeping lesser foes from the map and taking their best warriors. Until now nobody has put up much of a fight against them either. Until now.

Both alliances are, without question, superpowers in this world. Both have flexed their muscles and shown their grit. Both are well acquainted with war. Both have yet to meet an alliance tough enough to best them. However, the two biggest kids on the block can only wonder for so long...

As far as I can tell the only reason these two are fighting is because they both want an opponent that can, and will, fight back. As for who will win, I believe it will be the more active and vigilant alliance. Either alliance has the firepower to both take and defend cities. It now depends on how they do so. I believe this is what the very adept guide writer GROMM calls a Total Resource War. Whichever alliance is smarter about how they spend their resources will win. The actual cities taken/lost is less important now than the number of troops/resources lost in taking/defending them. If one alliance takes 10 cities from the other but loses 100k troops doing so, well the other alliance now has that many more BP points to take their cities back and more. Not only that, but I guarantee they lost less troops. So whoever wins this war will be the one who doesn't waste resources one short term goals, but rather focuses on the long term.

As for how this will effect the world... where there was once an undisputed authority there will no be opportunity for those who were once overshadowed.
This war could go on for months with the top 12 to 15 alliances and their academies involved with defence and counter attacks.
The only way things are going to shift either way is players that are sick of the continual bombardment defecting to other worlds or letting their real life commitments take over.
Those at the top of this BP feast will just grow stronger with the availability of more city slots and if they merge will unbalance this world in their favour, however they are having fun so let them continue.
On paper Naj/[Naj St] have the numbers, but in this world its not so easy for the top Alliances to take cities defended by Alliances not plagued by Inactives. And Naj/[Naj St] will find Epilektoi and Co a grind that will offer considerable ABP but very little joy on the DBP front. That's the downside of being the top Alliance. On the other hand, our very good adversaries Res Dogs and Co have found a nice little niche in hunting Inactives from the southern Oceans .. And its this unchallenged Res Dogs growth that will be the biggest challenge for Naj/[Naj St] as the Wonders approach, but the next few months could see considerable changes in fortune for some and misfortune for others as the landscape of Alliance shakeouts starts to unfold.
I am with the Delian Alliance, the Najistan and Epilektoi is on our fringe and moving quickly towards our alliance cities, both are tenacious alliances with the Najistan having the track record to come out on top; the tipping point will be what the Reservoir Dogs will do. If the RDs stand pat and hope the two knock themselves senseless, the world will be in chaos as everyone will have a chance. A decision to go either way will force all the others to decide quickly before the one big brawl...interesting times in the next few months.
I've had no dealing with either alliance I know a few members in both and have had some rumors passed onto me about each alliance and the alliances involved in the war but like I said there just rumors. You can't really name a winner if this war is just heating up it all depends what help each alliance gets from there allies and the winner will be in the running for winning this world.
The issue is quite uncertain I think because Epilektoi seems to work with a lot of allies. They will be in big trouble if for some reason they lose the support of some of their allies in this war as Najistan seems to be very well organized under a strong leadership.
That war is not effecting us one way or another, which I’m glad about and seems fairly quiet on our islands as of this minute. We’re just happily growing and taking out the garbage that we find along the way
The only thing I know about that war is that is has nothing to do with Vengence.
I have no idea who will win.
I don't really care.


Best Rank: 2; ABP: 304,845; DBP: 440,281; Alliance: Epilektoi

Best Rank: 60; ABP: 179,475; DBP: 140,465; Alliance: Sesame Street

Arminius I.
Best Rank: 104; ABP: 163,130; DBP: 93,481; Alliance: Reservoir Dogs

Best Rank: 223; Alliance: .Exile Immortals.

Best Rank: 145; ABP: 135,303; Alliance: Bunniez

Best Rank: 184; DBP: 114,922; Alliance: Vengence

Best Rank: 24; ABP: 126,177; Alliance: Epilektoi

Best Rank: 57; DBP: 273,658; Alliance: Pandoras Box

Best Rank: 56; ABP: 211,983; Alliance: Legion

Best Rank: 65; ABP: 107,638; DBP: 115,659; Alliance: **Pandoras Box**
Saints II
**Pandoras Box**
Psychopathic Indulgences
Sesame Street

Last week winner: #6 tetrahydrocarbon420
Prize: 5 happiness spells + 300 BP.

Rules: Choose a number from 1 to 25.
Prize: 5 happiness spells + 1000 BP. Good luck!
Don't forget to +rep if you enjoyed reading the paper and if you would like me to continue writing more.
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for future info, we know for sure that rd,rp, kennel, bunniez, up your oars, jack rabbitz, epil, macca, pi, exile 1,2,3,4 are in epils coalition against us , as they all opped/declared war on us at the same time ,


It's been a while since I read the Times and now I'm kicking myself for not coming back sooner. Great work being done here. I'll take 24 please.


Question: what's up with the Delian/ Athenian alliances? It seems like they are pretty much the 40 alliance limit version of an MRA in this world?
Also, I'll take 21


^WOW! That might be the most Ls I've ever seen taken out in a single attack... Reasons not to hide all your ships away in a single city lol


Good read like always!! Can you go to Ialysos and do one? Exciting world, but no PnP or news paper :p


I would but I don't have the time or experience(or any idea how to do so)


If no one does one I can try, depends on how my life goes this week

Deus Pravus

Isn't that the world were rank 1 2 5 6 are all one alliance?

I'll take number 6. If it's taken just keep +1 on my number til one is free. lol
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