April Updates?!


Hey Ephesus ~

Are there any wars going on?

Who's winning? You want to share some stats?

I'd love to hear about all the excitement in-game..We don't really have a very active section over here..You need to tell your alliance members and foes they should join and boost the excitement! :)

~ Lane


Sure..anyone that wants to spill the beans go for it. ;) I won't stop you mid-way.

Link of time

One upon a time in the fair land of Ephesus... There was a MRA called Open Source Government. They stayed in they're own buisness. But they were an MRA. Chew on that. But let's go back further, to the Scorpian Eliete Forces days.They were thriving in Ocean 67...

Until OSG wanted a pact... We tried to go NAP, but they didn't. No, they wanted a pact. We abondaned our posts after that. Ignoring orders to go to Elixor west, I went to... OSG!

All was well for quite some time. Then C.D.C got in the way...

They tried to go NAP too. It didn't work out. They conqured one of us, then war broke out. OSG held in until 2013, until they agreed to a merger. Wost mistake ever.

And that's when OSG went down, but LOS remained. OSG was gone.

And as I say... Astroi didn't deserve it.


I've got posts deleted by Mods, ... no profanity whatsoever in its contents ... I can't say it was you, but all I know is that there is no way for regular forum members to know which mod deleted his/her posts.

No need to contact an admin for I know how politics work within the moderation team.

Well, you as a player always have the right to contact any higher level staff to check out actions taken.
I'm sure there was a reason the post was deleted whether it be, spam, off-topic, profane, etc. Moderators will not just delete a post because they feel like it.

There is no politics...We as moderators do mess up sometimes and should be told we do..We are not perfect; although, some players expect us to be. If you have a question please don't hesitate to ask. We are willing to check out anything you feel is unfair and take appropriate action as we see fit.

removed quote.

I will indeed..I will be deleting all these posts in a few days. If you have a problem with a moderator and how they moderate please contact an admin if they're level two staff. Our role as a Titan is to moderate the whole forum as well as be a supervisor to the level one forum staff. We can't always be as active in our sections as we should; however, we do try! ;)

Thank you both for your comments. Hope I answered your questions or statements..However you see them. :)

~ Lane