Are these the tactics Valheru use to recruit players lol!


twisting words around

Grinch you are twisting all the words around to gain sympothy.

no one forced me to Join Valheru. i left because all you guys claimed to be these great players from other worlds. but you wont get organized. i spent all my time helping and spending resources defendign you guys. and you wouldnt listen to my advise to organise an defend . it was like screaming at my wall all day to make the bed and it never got made.

i was offered to join Valheru and i accepted. i was only in your allaince for a week and i didnt like it. its not like i was there for months and you gave me all this support to build up. i didnt take advantage of your alliance i would say jsut the opposite.
as a matter of fact your peopel still message me for advise and i give it.

so i decided to leave as your allaince didnt fit my needs. as soon as i left in 2 days i was double my size and 4 days tripple.
if you spent as much time building your city as you do crying here you would have more than a single city.
its been a month and you only have one city. and you call me pathetic. now that i dont have to help you any more i can actually play the game. help your self first. let me know when you get your 2nd city. im getting ready to take my 8th city and you started before me.

We lost a couple players yesterday to the alliance Valheru because the players were threatened and scared away:) I find this funny that an alliance would want such cowards as these on there team!! We say good riddance to them!! Here is a message pasted from one of the players we lost.. Good luck with these winners.. Read from bottum up. Has anyone else had dealing like this with the mighty Valheru???

Imconfussed on 2012-05-15 at 23:56
what could i do but join
i saved michap's city
dobbins29 on 2012-05-15 at 23:54
this is sad,man u fight u dont just give up to them.they are bullies and they got to u .ill loose my city before i give in to someone like that.i gess knowing this maby u are better off with them
Imconfussed on 2012-05-15 at 23:39
we were offer to join Valheru but Jeffno9 doesnt want to i guess

we were asked to join valheru after i tried to stop Valheru from taking over Michaps City
we are only 300k aliance Valheru is 5.4 million the person attackin us has 97k points 12 cities and is ranked 57th what could i do. we can join them or have our largest cities taken at their leisure.

they will let us spend weeks building up a city then take it from us.

so its join or be thier feeding grounds.
dobbins29 on 2012-05-15 at 23:21
whats going on man why u switch sides

dew hos

um i think stuff been work out i talk to a friend they said it was ok now and they understood why u left so let drop and you guys can have fun playing grepolis man i miss it i should go back to it


hes still a punk that ran to the bigger alliance because he was told to so long as he knows hes still a punk ill drop it


in knoss Legion of Death 13735582 is the biggest rite now,but iv seen way bigger alliances in other worlds.heck in theta the alliance im in has over 31million points.but in knoss there are in pacts with the other big alliances and attack all the little alliances. i gess whatever works sooner or later the bigger alliances will haft to go to war with one another, but so far they are working togather ok i gess


lol dobbins dont speak of things you know nothing about...
you know so little.... thats obvious by your psots......
and for the record... Xene is a leader not the leader :p


Haha let the cowards go, then you can take there cities and when they say "wait I thought we were friends" well, all I can say is war is hell :)


Joining a bigger strong alliance isn't cowardice, it's common sense, so unless an alliance has had your back, the is no love lost in making such a move, on top of that if as he says he's got to 8 cities and your were still on your 1st, I would say he made the right decision.