Army of Achilles

Campbell Lord

Army of Achilles

"Respect is given to those who can offer it in return"
We seek Glory on the battlefield and honor for our soldiers.

We employ collaborative defensive techniques.
We attack as a single unit.
We mentor new players.
We refine the skills of experienced players.
We employ a Council for all major alliance decisions.

Campbell Lord
Myrmidon Commander
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Campbell Lord

Welcome to the Mighty Army of Achilles~!​

The code of honor for a Myrmidon is about respect.
When a Myrmidon has respect for themselves, they carry themselves with dignity,
head held high meeting the world with a firm and knowing gaze.
Look everyone in the eye as they pass you so that they know you see them,
and thieves will know to steer clear of you.
Be observant of all around you, so that you may not be caught by surprise.​

Respect for a mission means being prepared for every outcome and having a plan for each to ensure victory.
Respect for your alliance means no swearing or profane concepts in the forums.
Respect for your leaders means participating in alliance operations and studying the guides prepared for you.
Respect for your soldiers means using the right unit for the right job and getting the best out of each man.
Respect for the Gods means Divine Favors to ensure victory.