Attack of the fugitive!



Police reports state that Roman Empire has been sabotage by Jarpenguin

Eye witness has experience the sabotage and is suffering from e-depression. Here is firelord's interview with them:

GDi ReTrO today at 7:48 PM
Because I was one of the top 20 members in Roman Empire and he kicked me, and since you guys are closer to me I wanted to join you.
firelord0001 today at 7:47 PM
oh really? Why has he done that?
GDi ReTrO today at 7:44 PM
Yeah he caused me to join your alliance lol, something is glitching with my chat box everytime I click the leave button it makes me rejoin lol.
firelord0001 today at 7:41 PM
I love you jar! I love that penguin
GDi ReTrO today at 7:39 PM
Thats good man I want an alliance near me, turns out someone invited jarp into roman empire and he got founder rights he then kicked the top 20 players lol.

^^Read from bottom to top ;)

So the mighty penguin has struck again! Who will be on he's hit list?


Is there any point in the image? It's just coding gone wrong.


I have been scarred for life ever since the unfortunate event, I don't know what to do now:(


wow pretty big fail at a PnP i think my PnP for xi was better then this :p