Guide Attack Planner Guide


Perhaps some more robust logical and functional requirements would have helped the programmer make a different sort of product and meet a need that was not adequately perceived.

dustballs1 you must be either a business systems analyst or a developer...


well, i see attack planner almost useless, just a waste of 100 gold every 14 days for me... you know... if your brain works good, you dont need to plan attack this way... in my opinion... why it doesnt send attack automatically on set time? that feature should be added

and grepolis team, you could use some jQuery popups on time selects ... hell its horrible setting the time... c'mon guys, its easy


The planer doesn't take into account what units you have building. So as I plan an attack I only pick one slow boat or fast transport for the attack. When the plan says it's time to go I then choose what I really want to send. Would like to see a better set up for premium users.


I agree. Good guide. The person creating the guide is providing useful info on their own time, and doesn't deserve the complaints on the tool itself.