Attention: Great Warriors, HAVOC, and all the various Warlord Alliances.....

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You guys need to be real nice to your big brothers in The Northern Alliance. They put on an impressive show of force in conking a city of mine today..... something in the neighborhood of 10,000 Biremes and 20,000 ground troops.

All you guys in the TNA academy alliances better be very friendly to the big boys in TNA.... you don't want that kind of muscle coming your way.

I hear they like chocolates and flowers...
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Welcome to Omega.

I have seen similar stuff from GW but never from the others.

But I think WE and warlords would Back GW with Havoc/ backing TNA because of the GW-havoc altercations pre-war

IF there was a post BDT war world


As far as i'm concerned the only thing that will make us bring war to our current allies is if they take in any of you guys. Fairly certain that wont happen though, I mean who's in the market for a load of turtles with maxed out vacation mode? At least crash sort of tried to save his city, usually you guys don't make a peep other than maybe cast a plague here and there