Bad With Names Vs Balkan Boyz War Declared!

We’re pretty much unrelated being a war that’s primarily focused in o55, o45. Balkans haven’t really asked us for anything either. And Bad With Names wouldn’t get very far asking us to break a pact and take their side. I also think they’re both aware that we have advocated for a peaceful solution and are simply respecting that.
@FlopTurnRiver in the sense that they have a pulse still then yeah I guess so. I can’t say that I’ve personally felt challenged though since we got established. They probably could have built 50ish CSes early and just did a full chuck until we ran out of troops and had to give up. But they kind of just took their foot off the gas and let us build up. Which I feel like not doing ever again will be the main take away when they’re planning the next world. So if anyone is planning to do a Shadow level of rant directed at us, blame MAD for letting us stay around I suppose.

Not sure, kinda sad he bailed, Beasties didn’t look awful when they had leadership.
They still have some promise, they just need to adjust to 3/3 conq and probably not invite back the non-key players.

Ye been meaning to ask. Balkans what’s it like to start the war off on a winning note? Is it a good change of pace from the past few? Haha Also congrats on the success so far!