Proposal Barracks/Harbor refresh - fix way it behaves


Summary: Barracks/Harbor refresh
Idea: Sometimes the game refreshes (just) the barracks/harbor screen (when the number of units you can recruit changes, I suspect).

However, it then automatically resets to the 1st unit (swords/TS). I have been in many situations when I go to click on recruiting say LS, and it refreshes at that moment and recruits the wrong thing (and the maximum number of the wrong thing at that which loses 50% resources when I cancel).

Can we implement something to prevent this? I propose any of the following:

1. Have the game not auto select the 1st unit when it refreshes the window. Can be achieved by having a cache/similar for selected units (then every time u open the barracks/harbor the last selected unit would remain selected).
2. Default is recruiting 0 units or nothing selected when opening/refreshing either window. Max quantity of units should remain default when switching between selecting units
3. Allow 100% refund if cancelled within 10 seconds and you're not under attack (haven't thought about if this isn't abusable yet)