BDI has Sunken Low


I will now officially withdraw all the prosperous things I have said about BDI, including the compliments i had given early game.

They are recruiting trash, solo players, and making threats. Oh and founding academies.

cantareli today at 15:58
You are harboring a refugee, that has been jumping alliances left, right and center.

We will not waver.

A friendly message, huh, I made sure to tell them of your friendly threat. And they seem to not care really.

Tighthen up your recruitment and you will notice that sgtbillbo has been running away from us, seeking the cover of a banner.

We are fair game just like everybody else.

I would strongly advise you to pull that CS

Now this I have an issue with, we hold no conversations, and yet suddenly i should follow your great advice ? Put your money where your mouth is and come at us.

I'm quite fond of trouble.
TORMENTED SOUL today at 12:58

Your friend FrothyMug has a CS in one of our mates cities.

I would strongly advise you to pull that CS from sgtbillbo. They are plenty of other targets out there.

You are going to cause a lot of trouble for yourself and your mates going forward from here if you take that City from us.

Consider this a friendly warning. ;)


When sgtbillbo, joined BDI, as a REFUGEE, I told you we would not cease attacks, no reply was given.

And they have a sister, an academy, 'right arm' however they want to sugar coat it.

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You'd think alliance(s) four times your size would just break the siege rather than resorting to warning PMs, but they won't. More likely they just kick the player so the conq doesn't show up in their stats.

As far as being capable of "causing a lot of trouble", that's doubtful as well. Even their biggest players like to attack with full nukes or CS sent without (cough, cough) LS escorts.