Be Honest...


How different were the results in this world from what you expected?

Personally if you told me that that Turtle Time would have the roughest midgame experience known to man or that OSG would be our main competition I wouldn't have believed it and would have tried to sell you on Stay Cool or Project Snuggle. I can't be the only one to have missed the mark here. ;)


Olous is still open.

  • Quadripartite obtained Victor of the World.
  • Quadripartite obtained the 1st set of Master of the World awards, but were subsequently disbanded by a rogue founder before they could complete the crown rotations for all their players.
  • OSG obtained the next set of Master of the World awards, with help from OWS and Simmerville. Rotations were completed, and OSG currently still holds all 7 World Wonders.
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