Bear Report


The Bears are back!
So it's been a few weeks Farsala, You've been kind. A bit slow at first, but you sure like to get my bears coming out, thanks for that speed up, you really know how to make a bear happy.

We've seen some alliances rise, fall, change, disband, and what the hell is up with you putting us in the North East? We know you're a woman, but seriously, you're not supposed to have your mind made up this soon, GIVE US a choice darnit, you're going to remain barren if you don't loosen up a bit, here have a drink.

From previous worlds, all the way back to Alpha, you can get a feel for how the world will go based on:

1) Alliances *Points + Members (or lack of)
2) Attackers
3) Location on the map.

Top Alliances
top 15 alliances.jpg

The central 4 is key early on, lots of action, so it's understandable that those 4 squares are going to produce some strong wars, and players. Now to those that got thrown upper right with mostly innactives, you know what you need to do.

Top Alliance Attackers
alliance attackers.jpg

This is the one to watch. Points mean nothing, #'s mean nothing. The willingness to someone else off, take their resoruces and women (or men... if you play that way. Or if you're a girl, then by all means come my way)

Top Alliance Defenders
alliance defenders.jpg
WHY U NO ATTACK!? Seriously, it's grepolis not grepohugalot. Hell even my tubby cousin who loves honey fights more than you guys it seems.

Top Solo Attackers

There are 2 MRA's fighting for #1, there is a lot of action happening in the central 4. Conquests should be starting next week. I wonder who will colonize first...
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Alliance Attackers -> No Change
Top15 Nightmares fall to #5 , Ghosts still #1 , Elite and Spartan Empire #2 and #3 ( The XYZ is the next MRA in the list )
Fighters -> Robin falls , Zunfamily raises to #7 , gadzooks falls #2 , Zeraos gets #1 .

As for the Colonizations Zeta Ophiuchi did the First one and now he has 3 Cities .

And you Gulio were still part of Nightmares the last time i saw .