Best city names


lol i think you can get banned for having that, your not allowed to impersonate a mod in any way? :p


Well mostly people notice you if you are a good player and have lots of Attcking BP. And being an alliance head dosen't mean anythiing. I was the founder of TeAm and now i am in Fusion and earing my trust dat by day. You can't know everything i bet even Miz dosen't know everything, i mean i am a 134k player and i kearn everyday.

lol the problem is I don't have a lot of bps, I'm still growing my polis day by day, then I would attack people getting bps, it's not time yet, and I consider ocean 25 a 'safe zone', the place is 80 hours away from the fusion, 420s and killer bunnies attacks so no-one's attacking me but I'm most likely to move into the war zones(move north-east), to get bps, so don't underestimate me just yet


Just a couple of my favourites (mine of course):cool:

Bite my Crank 63
Black Angels 73
Bone Cruncher 73
Bring it ON 73
Chocolate Starfish
Daft Pharmer Olym 73
Definitely unworthy
Dirty Sanchez 62
Far Queue 2 73
Far Queue 73
Gerbil Olympic 73
Goat Lovers Unite 62
Gumboots Gone 73
Gumboots Who? 73
Hell On Earth 63
Im mates with Dee 73
Itch my Nuts 63
Jatz Crackers 73
No Vigilance Olym 63
Not such a good idea
Route de la Rooted
Shawns Olymp Err 63
Souvlaki Olympic 74
Stand Proud Olym 63
Tally Whacker 62
The Big Schlong 63
The Blind Zombie 62
The Gag Monster 62
The Inactive King 73
Touch One Touch All
Was it worth it...73
Yo Mama Loves De Daf
Yogis 3 inch specia


I've got a city in Kappa called

Norfolk n Chance

just say it a few'll get it :)


Thread Revive :D

My favorite is Tangcock

Anyone remember those days? :p


I liked all of Stormcock's city names, the one I like the most was Yeah it's Pink.


Yeah, they were pretty funny..

Another one of my own favorite ones is IviCroaked :p