:Angry: Grrrrr I thought I'd pop out of vm for a bit before deleting my account, and within 24 hours I'm getting bolted by the #1 alliance. So here it is, straight from the F-KP tips section (please add this to your "tips" section DCS):

Why not to bolt:

Bolting costs 200 favor, and it randomly destroys a building. Because of the random nature of bolting the odds of hitting something useful are really long. Especially with fully-built up cities knocking down the barracks from level 25 to level 24 hardly slows troop production.

The favor is much more useful for
1. Casting favorable wind on your navy to protect it (250 favor),
2. Using Zeus's Rage on an opposing army to destroy it (300 favor--zeus's rage is a great way to kill catapults as it kills the largest units in an attack first),
3. Making manticores, which are expensive but are fast and very powerful attackers.
4. Casting Divine Sign chariots, which are a great way to support a city under attack.

Conversely, Earthquakes are still useful because even though they cost 350 favor they can destroy a wall, which gives troops inside a city a defensive bonus. Additionally, in general if members of an alliance bolt it makes their entire alliance look bad.

So long, Zeta!


Bolting a fully built city will hit a fully built building. every time.
meaning one bolt costs the city an avg of 5k of each resource (15k)

one person bolting is pretty futile and can indeed make you look like a noob.
but this is not how bolts were designed to be used, they are meant to be effective when used by an alliance (a group of players), used properly they can be effective against an average to small account (a large account can absorb the cost too easily to be considered effective) and that is why they got nerfed to every 2 hours same as quakes.,... they were TOO effective when used correctly.

12 bolts cast on same city in 24 hours costs an avg of 180,000 resource,
2 cities mass bolted and well timed requires more players contributing and increases the cost inflicted to an account to 360,000 resource in 24 hrs.
3 cities would be a cost of 540,000 resource in 24 hours and so on, increasing in increments of 180k for every city added to the bolting action.

it is possible to inflict a rebuild cost to an account that will slow or halt (depending on its size) its progression.
it takes alot of effort to organise and keep bolts timed up in a row with no gaps, but its possible.
Im not aware of any alliance in zeta that bothers to use bolts they way they are designed to be used like this.

sometimes a single bolt can send a message, like "yeah, im online and watching you stack attacks on my city" to show a player that you are active and most likely supporting against attack, but there are several ways to do the same without wasting favor.

leaving us Ituralde?
so long and all the best to you in rl:cool:


Thanks Zordas, that's a very good point and a use for bolts I'd never truly considered. Go figure-- I learn something everyday. :D

I'll leave Zeta but I probably won't completely leave grepolis. I've made too many friends across the servers to completely leave. I may tool around on some of the newer servers for a few weeks; I mostly have a limited time commitment, so I don't want to manage a large account. When the next speed 2 server comes out I'll probably jump on that.

I'll see you around buddy.

SGT Slaughter

I started Bolting campaigns a year ago. I got so much grief from unmeeked and even our allies DAFT. If I had a nickel everytime I was called a noob, I'd own Microsoft by last X-Mas. Im too classy to name names....HADS/Raiders..... :cool:

Now all the cool kids are doing it and I seem to have a lightning rod on my head :Angry:


Zordas is right! I belonged to an alliance in Epsilon whose leader was fantastic at instituting strategic bolting/quaking campaigns. Their effect was definitely felt by the receiver. It takes a lot of time and energy for a leader to commit to keeping the team motivated and reminding everyone a few times a day to participate, but it can devastate an opponent when it's done like that. Result: softens up the targeted player for eventual sea and land attacks as all his resources are consumed in rebuilding. It can work, but as an alliance policy, I prefer to dedicate my gaming time to other aspects of this game ...


If you can really plan a bolting and quaking campaign, you will really damage someone's cities, and their morale especially. I feel that bolting alone is a very nooby thing.

If both sides in a war bolt each other to the max, things often get out of hand, and the respective leaders usually make some sort of agreement to stop it, and carry on with the real war.

Bolting is pretty much nonexistent in my world, Delta. Nobody uses it, and leaders that organize such events will likely be bolted back in the extreme.


I see bolting and other divine spells, as just another weapon to be used. It allows players who may be too far away to send effective land /sea support to contribute to the cause. Sure bolting burns favor, but it does not cost any of your population to do it. While a lone bolter is not effective, multiple bolts/spells from many smaller players can help keep the aggression of a large player in check.