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Hello Dyme!

Dyme Bounty Hunters - The game

Hunt and eradicate the daily bounty set by me, a successful hunt will reward you with points. Each week the points will be totted up and a winner will be announced. Win more weekly bounty hunts than your competitors to receive a little something at the end of the month.


Each week a new bounty hunt will be added to this thread and will look like this:

Bounty 01/06/2012

100 Slings- 15 points
75 Hops- 15 points
5 transports- 10 points​

You can only be awarded the bounty points through Attacking enemy players, a maximum of 40 points is available per week. Its your choice to kill some or all of the bounty posted.

Whoever posts the bounty first will get the full number of points.
If you post 2nd, you get total points -1, if you post 3rd you get total points -2 etc etc, down to -5.

I post 100 slingers killed first. I get 15 points added.
Player B then posts 100 slingers killed, they get 14 points.
Player C posts that they've killed 5 transports, they get 10 points.
I then post that i've killed 5 transports, i get 9 points.
etc etc
The 6th player to post that they've killed 5 transports (player C, myself and 4 other people) will get 5 points. All players who post 5 transports killed with then get 5 points.

This is simply to make a draw more unlikely and also rewards people for completing the bounties quickly.

Submitting your bounty

You simply need to paste up the report code, I will check whether it is legit or not in-game. :)
If possible, please include a screenshot, but this is not mandatory.
It doesn't matter if you submit them in multiple posts, I will simply merge all of your posts together as they come in, though it would be helpful if they came all at once!
The full points go to whoever submits the complete bounty first.



Report code -[report]dbd2873bb5f2x080a4e0749b3ca684920[/report]
(That is actually from Belle btw). :D

Click here to see a guide on how to post a screenshot.

First place: 500 Gold and user title: Warrior of Dyme
Second place: 250 Gold

  1. Only attacks made between the bounty being posted and exactly 5 days later count. It is not from midnight on the night it says it will be posted. E.g. bounty posted at 5PM on Monday will be valid until 5PM on Saturday. (All times ate GMT +1).
  2. Bounty kills must be from attacks you have made on enemy players*
  3. Reports that show a '?' will not be counted unfortunately. We must be able to see what was killed for it to be counted.
  4. Attacks on alliance members do not count
  5. Attacks on ghosts count
  6. Attacking island quests does not count.
  7. Farm attacks do not count
  8. The Bounty does not need to be completed with one attack (just submit multiple reports)
  9. If you miss the deadline (to be decided) to submit your bounty, you will receive no points
  10. In the event of a tie, a bonus bounty challenge will be set for those with matching weekly total. first to get the bonus bounty wins
  11. Rules are subject to change ( to allow for balancing/fairness etc if need be)

*An enemy, for the purposes of this competition, is a player who does not belong to your alliance, or to an alliance that your own is pacted with. The units killed cannot belong to you, an alliance mate or a player in a pacted alliance.

Each week a new Bounty will be given in the post below.

As you will see, you have 5 days to complete the bounty and 2 days to rebuild and prepare for the next.

Monday 6th Jan: Comp begins with the First Bounty
Saturday 11th Jan: Deadline for First Bounty

Monday 13th Jan: Second Bounty
Saturday 18th Jan: Deadline for Second Bounty

Monday 20th Jan: Third Bounty
Saturday 25th Jan: Deadline for Third Bounty

Monday 27th Jan: Fourth Bounty.
Saturday 1st Feb: Deadline for Fourth Bounty and comp ends
Monday 3rd Feb: Winners announced​

Please post any questions that you have here in the discussion thread.
This thread is only for posting bounties.

Final notes
If you have any issues with the competition (e.g. you think someone is cheating or you think points have been counted wrong etc etc), please send me a PM.
If you have general comments about the competition, please feel free to post them here in the discussion thread.
This is the first time that the competition will run properly, so any and all feedback will be appreciated.

We have 1 week before the competition starts, please post any questions that you may have in the discussion thread asap!

You submit reports in the dedicated submissions thread for that week. E.g. submit reports for week 1here..

Many thanks, and good luck!

SremacMarko- 15 points for killing 300+ hoplites
Akkropolis- 25 points for killing 30+ transports and 30+ biremes
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Please note an addition to the rules-
You are not allowed to simply support a target with your own units and attack it to complete the bounty.
The units killed cannot belong to you, an alliance mate or a player in a pacted alliance.

Thank you


Here it is, the first bounty!

You have exactly 5 days in which to post your reports, that is, they must all be from now to 16:09 (GMT+1) on Saturday.

Submit your reports here.



Unless their is either a significant increase in participation over the next two days or an increase in the number of posts here telling me what i need to change to get people to take part, the competition will have to be cancelled.

Just an FYI.


Hi there folks,
I have had some fantastic feedback from people- Thank for for that.

A few comments from me-
It seems that we have two issues.
1- People don't like having to make the effort of screenshotting and posting their reports.
I'm afraid that there is nothing i can do about that... I have no other way of seeing what you killed!

2- People are attacking, however more often then not they are losing the attacks and as such, get the '?' under units killed.
Again, there really isn't anything i can do about that. I looked into the possibility of getting an in-game moderator to look at the reports and tell me what was killed, however we are not able to do that.

I will make the next 3 bounties less difficult which means that more of you will be able to complete them. :)

Thanks again, and keep sending in PM's if you have any other comments.


Here is the 2nd bounty for you- Remember that you only have to send in the report code now.
Also, if you submit reports in multiple posts, please create a new post, do not simply edit your existing one.


Good luck, and enjoy!


Deadline for this one extended until Sunday at midnight, so you have a few more days :)


...aaaaaaaand cancelled due to lack of participation.
Thank you to those who did try and who took part, it just isn't worth it to keep going i'm afraid.

Sorry about this guys, i'll do my best to re-work the competition so it will attract more participants.

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