Apparently CKD stands for crush kill destroy, though I am struggling to think of a more ironically named alliance that I have encountered in all my days of playing this game. Far from crushing, killing or destroying anybody or anything they seem to be content with sitting on the rim, conquering weak, inactive or isolated players. Their down fall seems to be the same old story as the rest of the nobody alliances in this world. Weak leaders who can't make up their mind about what to do or who to attack. The 2 main clowns in this circus death count (more irony) and the legend that is Humlegutten (jnc) have followed the Omicron guide to running your alliance into the ground. DC who lead his alliance into battle against The Force and then had to beg us for help in defeating them is what I would consider a classic "leader by title only".

When I and then 4 other Evo members I took with me joined CN to help them against TF I think I could count on 1 hand how many times he posted in their forum despite the fact we were there for months. It was mainly down to the hard work of one or two of their players and Evo players such as korn that TF fell and nothing what so ever to do with the actions or planning of their "leader". Then in true cowardly fashion and his hunger for glory on the back of other peoples hard work he asked to join Evo to get that all important winners medal on his profile.

He told me that CN were to disband as most players were leaving the game and he wished to bring the 4 or 5 who were to remain active to our alliance. This of course turned out to be a big fat lie and it was all about him and his glory. At first there was no problem apart from the fact they did nothing but that was nothing new in Evo as it has always been the same few players doing all the work here, so it didn't really matter. Then one day DC came to life and with great excitement told us that jnc wanted to return to this world. Now we had no idea who this guy was, no disrespect intended here we had just never heard tell of this guy.

You probably all remember him the guy with the hum account who came on this forum to pick a fight with me and ended up blocking my messages in game and reporting me for calling him the B word. Not the bad B word like somebody who has no mammy or daddy but the funny B word like a female dog or what you call your friends or woman when you are joking with them. You know the guy who tries to act as if what he done in another world only matters to others and is not important to him even though he has a link to the story on his player profile in game, disrespect certainly intended here. So anyway once the incredible jnc landed back in this world things quickly went from legend to joke as rather than getting this fantastic player who was going to help us wipe out our enemies we got yet another all mouth no B word that rhymes with walls.

After his inspirational "giant slyer" talk he gave on this forum about how he would single handedly take down Evo he has done pretty much nothing. He has taken a few cities from us most of them from one of our best players proply who at his peak had 22 cities, one from sores (but has lost 2 to him) and that's about it. To be honest the only affect this chump has had on the world was to make DC turn on his land standing allies and join the losing side without his winners medal (oh christian every time a noob leader does something stupid I am reminded of you).

So my challenge to you the ironically named DC and the female dog that is jnc is to do something, attack us, I have tons of cities in your area and no defence so try and take them. I have been offering CKD members to take any one of my cities and I'll reward them with other free cities for weeks now and not one of them are even trying. The only attack I get is from this mr pete guy who have 6 cities on the same island as a ships city I have who keeps revolting the city but not sending a CS. It has gotten to the stage now where I don't even send support to the city when he revolts it as he like the rest of you is a joke. I find it shocking that I have to keep coming on this forum and begging our enemies to attack us but sadly that is the way it is and apart from GS always has been in this world. Surely a grepo legend like jnc (seriously never heard of him) can put together some sort of plan or op against us???