I fully expect this to be marked "Not a Bug" but here goes anyway.

I get the captcha box at infrequent intervals varying from once a day to every 5 minutes.... Only in World Bellerophon. and only when on laptop mot mobile

Once a day or even twice a day is acceptable but not every 5 minutes. I missed sniping a CS as this box popped up and stopped me sending the biremes.... (Got it with seastorm otherwise would have been really hacked off)

Is it a ploy so you can close Bellerophon by annoying us and making us leave???


Every 5 minutes seems wrong. Maybe every 3 hours or something...
If it is genuinely popping up only minutes apart (and not because you are refreshing or getting it wrong) you should probably write in a ticket. The mod can check the log of your account and send a report to the devs if it is malfunctioning.


If you are logged in for a long time it should give you one every so often, but never every 5 minutes. I have noticed since they added these capatchas that there is less spam mass-mail messaging on worlds.


I logged on here at 11.57 and had one straightaway.... Have just had another at 12.18.... Will report the next one as well


I get them more when I'm new on a world. Was there some reason they moved away from numbers into multi-word captcha's with blurry letters?