Newspaper Carphi Chronicles~Issue VI



By Rock5(IGN:Americanmercenary2)

Table of Contents
  • Ocean Analysis
  • War Stats
  • Tavern Rumours
  • Wheel of Fortune

Ocean Analysis

Welcome to the 6th Issue of Carphi Chronicles, the newspaper for this world. In this issue, the following oceans are going to be discussed:





These 4 Oceans Make up the Northwestern oceans.

First Let's take a trip to Outside of the Core.

Ocean 33

2Sparta Forma117,00041[2,850/td]

3Brother in Arms82,000312,650
4The Knights Templars II72,000193793
5Dragons' n.W.o44,000192,300

What's Happening?

This ocean, in my opinion is quite dull. Sparta Forma is the academy of SPARTAN and they currently hold the number 2 and number 1 respectively. This is a developing ocean and it should be more interesting as time goes on. This ocean will be studied further in future issues.

Ocean 34

3Exploit Guns265,000495,500
4BLACK ZONE CRUSADE180,000296,200
5United Empire118,000373,200

What's Happening?

Minions currently dominate O34 and trailed by Rejects. O34 is an ocean to keep track of as the world goes on.

Ocean 43

1The Horde550,000757,350
2Medieval Knights375,000983,900
3The Knights Templar331,000774,300
4Elite Warriors290,000575040
5Byzantine Empire200,000375150

What's Happening?

Currently, The Horde is in the lead quickly followed by the 375,000 point Medieval Knights. Judging my their progress, The Horde is slowing gaining more and more control of O43.


The Horde

I was wondering what your relationships with other alliances in O43. Who are you fighting?

Hypatius said:
Hey! At the moment, The Horde is invading O43 and absolutely crushing everything in

its path. For me personally, I'm mainly focused on Byzantine Empire, Byzantine Empire II and Elite Warriors. As a matter of fact, I'm taking over one of BE's cities right now After that, who knows? :) The Horde however has no allies in O43, as far as we are concerned, everything is a target.

Ocean 44

3BLACK ZONE CRUSADE910,0001287,100
4The Horde890,000147,0006,050
5Silent Dragon850,0001505,645

What's Happening?

Currently SSICK and SSICKLY are leading the rankings in O44 but is quickly followed by BLACK ZONE CRUSADE.



What is happening in O44?

gkassimis said:
I wish i could help you but i am not the type who knows lots of things and hear every gossip. I can talk only about my alliance. Many use the moto 'if its not blue or green then its red' but bzc is the only alliance who can realy say 'if its not blue then its red'. We have no pacts, no naps, no academies. Even on servers with 200 member caps, we are no more than 30. We fight every alliance on our ocean and we are doing well. We have no direction and no purpose. We dont care about ww. Only fighting matters to us


Silent Dragons

What is happening in O44?

skully71 said:
Well, speaking for SD not much atm. Many of us started the world in west O54 and are now setting up in O44. Moving together as a group.


War Stats

This is WEEKLY stats only what has happened the past week

Final BossAnnunaki

SSICKUnwritten Legacy

MinionsKingdom of Heavens

United EmpireRejects


Tavern Rumours:Truth or Lies?

Hello! This is Tavern Rumours where everything said below may or may not be real. It is up to YOU to decide which are, and which aren't!

Yesterday at 13:01 Admiral Naji,

Hello to all of you,

I'm sorry to all of you [Deleted Word For Mod Happiness] for the 4th MM today. I promise to get to the point though.

Starting Friday the 13th, we will begin our "Friday the 13th OP" against ANONYMOUS and it's academies. This is going to happen in 3 steps.

1-Starting Friday the 13th, we will spy bomb the cities EG CITY=MY CITY, 008.45.M, and 01. Costello. This will happen for 12 hours and I expect all of you contribute to the spy bombing. Those who don't do that will pay me 2,000 of each resources to 45.01.Last Legacy.

2-On Saturday the 14th, we will send LS attacks to breach defense. During the attacks, players who have Earthquake should EQ the cities mentioned above to bring down the wall. Players who have Hades should plague the cities as much as possible. Players who have Artemis should cast illusions on the attacks to distract them.

3-On Sunday the 15th, players with open cities slots should send CSs to land. UNWRITTEN LEGACY WILL DOMINATE THIS WORLD. SHOW THEM WHAT YOUR MADE OF!


Admiral Naji

Supreme Dictator of UL
Today 4:53 *OPY*

Hello all,

Today I am stepping down as founder due to the decreasing amount of time I have. I have decided to pass the supreme position to a good player, Westmel. He has helped this alliance tremendously and I believe that he will make this alliance great again.

Other positions will remain occupied by the same players. If you have any question, pm WestMel.


Today at 4:30 Digital Mysitiks

Hey all!

I have some things I'd like to go over with you people.

1.) Activity


3.)Possible NAPs

Activity-As you can see, some of the players have gone inactive and have been booted from the alliance. You guys can reserve cities in the Internals thread in Defense Tab. It is on a first come first serve basis.

OPs- We are going to plan for an OP soon. A MM will be messaged to you soon(Within a day or 2)

Possible NAPS-Ha I was joking with this one! (Yeah this is some real bad humour but if you laughed then thanks!)


Digital mystiks.

P.S. Happy Hunting!


Where's Waldo?

Wonka Meme

Wheel of Fortune

Welcome to the sizth Wheel of Fortune!

Rules: Choose a number from 1 to 50. If someone already has the number you want, choose another one. Prize: Mystery Prize Winner will be announced in next week issue. Good luck.

I hope you like this issue's newspaper. If you like the newspaper, +rep. Note to everyone: I'm not making newspapers just for + rep. I'm doing this for the benefit of the community. Also, last issue, no one participated in the Wheel of Fortune. So no one won this week.
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Thanks for this week's news issue!
I like the analysis you gave, looks very good :)
I'll take number 25


Seriously? SSICK didn't take any cities from UL.... In fact we took some towns of their hands.


Seriously? SSICK didn't take any cities from UL.... In fact we took some towns of their hands.
Yes they did. We gave 2 cities to players who were still in ick before they made the jump to UL. Technically they took the cities. Realistically they were internals.


I really like these articles they are more interesting than most of the newsletters you see. Keep on making these :)

Can I take number 49


Someone repped me with the following:
very good newspaper but I have a question. the tavern rumours section, for the ones that arent true, do you just completely make them up or whats the deal with that? like i said good newspaper!
Some of the rumours are actually true. Some are false. I'm am not going to tell anyone which ones are real though. It is up for you to decide. It makes everything more fun!