Cataphract - new elite land unit


Cataphracts were the Heavy Cavalry during the early to mid part of the Byzantine Empire. You'd say they don't belong in Grepolis then? Why don't you read up about Greek Fire Ships, called for some reason Light Ships in this game. Anyway, LS are also from the Byzantine era, so why not include the Cataphracts?

The Proposal:
Introduction of New Elite land unit: CATAPHRACT

Combat Strength: 88
Weapon Type: Blunt
Population Cost: 3
Academy Research: Cataphracts (New Icon) - 8 Research Points
Speed: 32
Defense vs Blunt: 64
Defense vs Sharp: 26
Defense vs Distance: 32

Barrack Level: 20

Cataphract were iron-clad heavy cavalry, even their horses wore armor! Predecessors of Knights, tough to defend against when charging full ahead.
As for Resource costs to build them, these should be quite steep, especially silver.

Another payment option in order to builds Cataphracts: 3 Gold per Unit, instead of Resources.
This would keep Innogames happy as players would be likely to purchase these units for gold, meaning income for developers.

Any opinions?


Forgot to add: Academy Level Required to be able to Research Cataphract: Level 31


Thought about this and Cataphracts should be purchaseable only with Gold. I'd say 5 gold per unit.
Check out how Cats (Cataphracts) looked like. Charismatic looking units and very strong in combat, especially offensively. I bet most players would buy these for gold like maniacs!
Come on Innogames, this is your chance to earn more cash by selling gold for players wanting to get their hands on the incredible Cataphracts, yes, the new and much cooler Cats!


  • Two days after you suggested this unit, you made a thread in which you stated that the attack values for both slingers and horsemen were too high (going as far as calling slingers "OP" in your thread title).
    • Slingers: 23 attack per population.
    • Horsemen: 20 attack per population.
    • Cataphracts: 29.3 attack per population. I.e. significantly higher than both of the units you complained about.
  • In that other thread, you also complained about horsemen requiring 3 population due to there being only 2 living beings involved (despite the fact that it's obviously a balance mechanism, as showcased by the population values for individual mythical units). In this thread, you've given cataphracts 3 population.
  • A gold-only unit would, I believe, ruin the game. Rebuilding units is already much easier for heavy gold-users, with the restrictions of resources (both quantity and trade time) being the only thing keeping the process even vaguely reasonable. (You can instant-complete recruitment with gold already.) Introducing a unit that requires just gold would allow for heavy golders to replace entire overland OLU nukes with a few clicks, in a matter of seconds. This just isn't balanced.