Important Closing world conditions

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    Dear Players and Forum Goers,

    There have been a lot of discussions and concerns voiced in the forum about when (and why) a world in Grepolis should close. This topic was discussed by InnoGames internally as well, and we have come to a conclusion.

    The core factors that will determine if a world will continue to be open are: activity, and the number of players in the world. We performed a statistical analysis to determine at which point it no longer makes sense to host a world for our players. We also took into account that a stagnant and inactive world is boring for all players involved. The number which we decided on was a minimum of 300 active players. An active player in this case is a player who logs into his/her world-account at least once a month.

    If the number of active players falls below 300, a countdown will be initiated which lasts one month. At the end of the countdown the world will close and the players may begin a new adventure on a different world. Please note that maintenance and update times may also become extremely long if we do not start to close the worlds at some point.

    Our goals are to ensure that all worlds provide an active and entertaining environment, to close inactive worlds, and to optimize server performance. We sincerely hope that this solution is satisfactory for the community.

    The Grepolis Team