There are some Oceans in Marathon that do not have any Colonzation spots or farming Villages. I mean, take Ocean 23 in Marathon for example. There are about 20 to 30 player in it, but many Island have no Colonization spots or Farming Village. Plus, No new players are appearing in Ocean 23 and many other Oceans. These Oceans cannot develop properly. Should I contact the Game moderators for this?.

I am hoping someone can give me advice on this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Was looking around at this and yeah, you're right, it appears that many islands that normally should have city spots and farming villages do not.

Not sure if this is because the ocean is so sparsely populated or if it is just a glitch.

Probably best to submit a support ticket in game............


Many ways!
If it is an in-game mod you are after, send in a support ticket here.