Conquest city build (revolt world)

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    Ive been looking for a guide which outlines the recommended troop build and city build including academy research for a conquest city (the city where your colony ship lands from) for the revolt world, ive found many guides for conquest worlds but cannot find one for a revolt world, do you need a specialised 'conquest city' in a revolt world or should you send the colony ship with one of your nukes after the other clearing nukes have paved the way for it?. Looking forward to hearing the recommended builds if it is advisable to have a specialised conquest city , thank
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    personally my first city is my main cs city since it is already mixed anyway, as for researches, don't do the really crappy ones and you will have enough points for the ones you need, you always want phalanx/battering ram in your cs city, as well as the mathematics research for cost reduction and the cartography (not essential but good) so your cs will not look like a cs due to faster travel time. as for troops, in general a mix is best since your nukes will do the nuking, you will just have to sop up the rest, and you don't want a hoplite nuke running into archers/and militia, or any other bad matchup.
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    Sep 21, 2011
    Well When i got my first I Got battering ram Larger Sails Stronger wine Battle experience CS BIR TRI LS HOP ARC SLING ... so basically a impenetrable fort
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    Aug 9, 2012
    Well, not really, in a revolt world, you dont really need one, because you dont have to defend the CS.
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    In revolt I personally only ever research archers and slings in my first city. Birs, LS and CS...You will obviously need Revolt and the battle perks such as ram and phalanx. But don't forget bunks...

    At the end of the day it's down to how you wish to play the game :)
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    thanks guys