Create A dream Team!


Every really active and faithful player is welcomed. The one who will not give up no matter how hopeless situation is. The one who puts alliance and teammates interests above everything.

I have already started to gather players' e-mails for such a team, contact me on skype for details. My login is besmarrussia.

Most players vouched for speedy world (3); unit speed 2-3-4; revolt; cap 60-90; if there is morale inactive, we will be unstopable :)
It will lead to mess....Lady adheral is already organizing things....mighty leo and LRE are also helping in that.


It will lead to mess....Lady adheral is already organizing things....mighty leo and LRE are also helping in that.
You mean LadyAredhell? Then we are talking about the same team, ashik :) she told she is in, when i contacted her.


Any chance of all of us joining together? I know we are currently organizing something. Would be nice to play with some of our enemies as a change.


Why don't we just post here if we are interested? I don't want to give out my Skype info for fear you could use it to tell when I am on and off :p

We should operate by Pm's.
If you are interested send one PM and you can add us to a Recipient lists, when it is time for all of us to go over you send out a mass "Recipient lists" mass mail. Then everyone is on board.

This will be my last world (for now) so I do not think I will be joining.


I have no problem in giving my skype info...everybody in rethy knows my offline skype id:ashikkmr7811.
just send me contact request....i will make a group chat room.Then thing will be fast.


My name seems to be coming up an awful lot, I quite agree with Kwelson, there are fantastic players spread across numerous alliances and it would be great to see those who wish to play in another world flying the same flag.

Beer Wench

Im looking for founder rights in a top 5 alliance I can run with an iron fist. Activity isnt my strong suit, so I will require resources when I bother to log on. Im not experienced but I have a gut feeling I could be unstoppable with the correct amount of support from my new team. Please answer these questions before the bidding war starts.

1. Is your alliance strong enough to carry my dead weight?

2. How many females in the alliance and are they willing to feed my ego?

3. Will alliance members adjust their schedules to suit mine? With my inactivity I need PM replies immediately if we are going to get anything done.

4. Does your alliance have a photoshop guy? I plan on changing my profile a lot!

5. What else could I possibly benefit from your alliance?

Let the begging begin.

otherwise i guess lady A...


Hi everybody :)

Most of FE players joined to new Beta Hero world, "Rise of Heroes". Who wants to join us there, hurry up please, still there are empty dots in our vicinity. Our core ocean there is 42, once you get there, find Morrigan (= besmar) (using Rankings, Search Player) to send you invitation. I will also explain you how to get close to our alliance, its quite easy.
Info on world:

World Configuration of Hero World Beta version

World Speed: 3;
Unit Speed: 3;
Trade Speed: 3;
Alliance Cap: 50;
Beginners Protection: 1 day;
Morale: disabled;
Conquest System: revolt;
Particularity: each player starts with 5 towns partly built.

The game also gives you 500 gold for free for Premium. We are waiting for you :)


Hey Besmar, I'm there as well with a bunch of EOD/Rod and HB members check us out
Profile name: mmunite


LOL..knowing you avera, i suspect you mentioned my name only because you want to have lvypaul in your team :)))

It would be my pleasure to play on the same side as you and ivypaul. You two are loyal to your side which is more than can be said for many in the former coalition and old EOD. Through all the forum banter talk you and i have exchanged...I have to say, I respect you for your loyalty and your way of carrying yourself.