Crimson Song


Hello kappa world
This is a song about the Crimsons:

When I wake up every morning
I see the Crimsons bolting

Wow that was my warehouse
I am glad they do not know the location of my RL house

Wow I got an incoming
Thats a 48hrs CS coming

Ohh what will I do
I will call my friend rudicus

I kill the CS form the Crimson Dust Farts
And that the Hate mail Starts

Ohh what will I do my inbox is full
I know I will block them and look cool

Stuff like this happen every day
I would like to delete the crimsons if I may

Well now you see my daily crimsons routine
We will soon wipe them clean

This is my 1st song and if you find it good
I will make some more understood
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cabz bii

it says i must spread sum before i can give you it again


Ahh give some to others that,than come back here and give me

cabz bii

what we need is aliances near ^^ to start eradicatin them i have cs buidig at the moment and a cs on routte to a revens city as we speak :)

but i cannot do it all alone war2 and synchshwo panicd and joind them so i will go alone i wil never die

cabz bii

thanks buddy fighting a battle just now have had over 295 atacks today so far with 93 incomming lol