Competition CS lottery!


MM sent to all - hope we can have fun :D. I've had quite a few responses back already.

Stack might not stay at 4.5k from the sounds of things



On 16:00 01/11/2017 there will be over 4k birs and over 1k CS stacked @ Far far away.


The competition is for all to attack and see who can get the last hit (netting 200k+ BP). That's all there is to it :D!


Attacks can be launched at any time. HOWEVER, they must land within the following time frame:

16:00:00 01/11/2017 - 16:00:00 02/11/2017

Anything landing outside will result in disqualification. And really - please don't, I'm not going to time all my units to the minute as support.

The times listed are inclusive - you are allowed to land anything @ 16:00:00 on both days.

There are no other rules - anything else is fair game... short of OPing me and taking my cities in this week (please don't - that'd ruin everything lol)

If you want - you can try stacking my city with extra ships (god is Poseidon) to thwart other ppl or even add more FTS/TS/CS to increase the 'prize BP'.

Supports are allowed to land outside of the time frame.


I hope this gives everyone something interesting to look forward to in the next week - if you could get a 2x BP (or 4x BP) token active, then maybe we'll set the 'most BP ever gained in one hit' to up to 800k :D

Thanks for reading - I hope a lot of people participate in this. I'll send 1 last MM after it's over announcing the winner with the report :)


Note times I give are server time



Congratulations to zulujbd for hitting the jackpot! It turned out to be a close match with Yeti01 but a win's a win :D

It's been a pleasure playing with all of you in this world - hope to see you in future ones :)




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