Guide CS navy sniping using Anchors.



CS Sniping With Anchors~[user]swarren102[/user] conquest version

Ok so as we all know the easiest way to defend from an incoming CS is to stack your city with both Biremes and DLU. But it is not the best and most productive way as it costs alot of resources to do.

So instead I will be showing you how to snipe extremely well and kill that CS with minimal losses.

Step 1: Firstly you need to identify the CS so you can defend against it. . The CS will be the slowest and usually the last attack and the one the support lands after. Although a good player/alliance will send multiple CS's. The best thing to do is use your notepad to list all attacks and times according to the attacking players. This will almost give you a 100% chance of finding the CS landing time. When you are confident you have found the CS time write it down or post it in the defence tab. If you are not online when the attacks were sent don't worry as the notification icons appear in chronological order so in easy terms they are displayed in order of attack as sent so pay attention to them.

Step 2: Posting for help. When you have the incoming CS time use the format in the defence tab to get assistance to maximise your chance of getting the timing right.

Step 3: The snipe. Ok so this is the most important part of defence. It is best to land as much Bireme as close to the CS landing time as possible or land LS as close to the time after CS has landed. In the ideal scenario we would like to land support 1 second before CS landing or LS 1 second after CS has landed. eg

Clearing attack: 00:01:00
Clearing attack: 00 01:01 <---This is where support needs to land
CS attack: 00:01:02 <---LS snipe needs to land here
Enemy support 00:01:03

This example would be a guarantee snipe in the perfect world.

Now as we know the game adds a random +10 or -10 second anti-timer so it is difficult do time right...or is it? No it is not. The next step will explain tips on how to get that crucial timing right.

Step 4: Getting your timing right. Now this is the most important part. Firstly get an idea of what times you get by sending and cancelling supports to get a feel for the anti-timer (refreshing the page makes no difference).

To give yourself extra chances at getting a successful snipe use what we call "Anchors". Anchors are a slower travelling unit such as LS, Slow transports and Trireme.

-A Biremes Travel speed is

-A Slow transport's travel time is

-A LS travel speed is

-A Trireme travel speed is

So the clever thing to do is delay the Bireme's/LS real speed by as much as you can to give you as much chances to give you timing your happy with. By adding and removing slower travelling units this is easily done.

You will only need 1 of each of the slower travelling units "Anchors" in your Bireme/LS city as to not wast population.

So all in all the best info is that i have given but the rest is up to you and the bireme's/LS ....the best advice i can give is keep calm and do your best. It is only a game.
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Lookin' good.


Should put it on the wiki ;)


Gah! Why you tell my secrets! Jk, If a player is willing to learn, then the information should be made available to them, no matter freind or foe. In all honestly I'm very surprised that it's taken till now for a guide about this trick to show up.

I've been trying to teach this trick to my alliance in US Omicron. Where all the members were recruited in game, so I had been thinking about possibly making a guide on this. I've been calling it the Brown Boat Method, I think I like your name better however.

Few things I would change / Add.

1. Finding the CS.
You said that the last attack before the support lands is most likely the CS. This can be easly abused, and their is a more foolproof way to finding the CS.
The last attack could easily just be a fake CS that contains brown boats from a faraway city. Or If you really want to get tricky, you can send a fake CS attack to land after your actual CS lands. So the enemy thinks that the last attack is the CS, and will likely land their snipes after your CS is already in the city.
If you attack a city that you have under siege, your attacks will just bounce, and you'll get a report that they visited during peacetime.

Anyway, some of that stuff up there is kinda advanced, I'll make this plain and simple.
If you are online at the time that an attack pops up, then check the TT of the attack. To do this open a attack window for the city that is sending the attack, and enter a 1 into the CS box. There it will show you the TT(Travel Time) from the city that is being attacked to the city that is doing the attacking. If the TT is similar then you can be certain that it is a CS. If the TT doesn't seem to be close, then it's most likely not a CS.
If you happen to be offline during the launch of the attack, then your best bet is to either try to get a wisdom off on the attack, or do what you said, and assume that the last attack before support is the CS.

2. Figuring out Departure time.
Figuring out the DT (Departure Time) is crucial to sniping, but I think you skipped this part.

There are several different ways, from using the attack planner to using a custom excel spreadsheet. Gunnellator's Guide covers it pretty well. I'd recommend that you go read that. But anyway you want to have the departure time aiming to land 10 before or after the CS depending on what kind of snipe you are going for.

3. Multi Attack Window / Send Recall Method.
gunnellator(Dora) touched on this topic. But I'm surprised that you haven't included it in your guide. It is a sniping guide afterall, and I think that you are missing one of the key components of timing attacks. In case you don't know it, I'll explain it.

To do this you will have to open 3+ Attack windows and your commands overview. Depending on how much you can fit on your screen / Computer can handle. By Windows I am referring to the in game Attack windows. Not Browser windows.
a). To open your commands overview, you have to click on the Sword Icon. You will need the Admin for this feature, but it is worth it if you really want to get good snipes down.
b). To open the attack windows you select to attack like you normally would, but pull the windows out to the corners of your screen.
The finish product should look like this.
c). Now that you have this set up, and you know what time you need to send your troops, you can begin sending your snipe. Enter all the units you want to send in all of your windows. Then when the time comes, send the snipe, and if you don't like what the AT gave you then you recall right away, once you see the TT hit 00:00:00 you go on to the next window to attack. Compare the landing time and recall if you want to get to try your luck at a better time. This will give you atleast 3 chances to get a good time on the AT.

4). Anchor Method (Or Brown Boat Method.)
I think that you could of gone into more detail about how to do it, how it works, and how it is helpful.
This is how I would've done it -

Notice that Triremes, Brown Boats (Normal Trans), and Fast Trans all have a different speed. Making it so if you sent an attack to city 'A', the Travel time would of been longer if you used Brown Boats to carry your troops, rather than fast trans. So we are going to abuse this feature, to get as many chances to get a good timing on the AT as possible.

So you are going to want to use Fast Trans to carry all your LDU(Land Defense Units) and OLU (Offense Land Units). And you're going to want to build 1 Trireme And 1 Brown Boat in your City.
When we are finding out the Departure time, add on that one Brown Boat. That will make your departure time earlier that if you had only Fast Trans and LS. So with that new departure time, use the send / recall method to get a good time. If you can't get a time you like, then take the Brown Boat off, and figure out what time you would need to send it if there was a Trireme in the mix. From there use the Send / Recall method again, until you get that good time. If you still can't get it, then only send your Fast Trans and LS escort (Or just LS if it is a LS nuke). But this time you will have to play it safe and take whatever time you get that lands on the safe side of the CS.

If anyone doesn't understand it well, I will be happy to add pictures in to illustrate the ideas / actions more. Also open to criticism as well, as well with anything you think I might of left out.


Thank you for trolling my guide :D:D cheers for the input.

But I only put it up as I have written it in-game...That's why there was a broken BB tom :p

But the point of it is not to be a guide on identifying CS's or distinguishing fakes but the concept of using an "anchor" to get extra chances of landing the perfect snipe. It's intended to be used in conjunction with the other guides members have written as not to take away from their guides but instead to be used as a building block :)


Hmm ok. You touched on some of the other topics, but didn't go into much detail, So I assumed you were making a full sniping guide.