Current events on Edessa

J.n.c 1993

Well since you lot are being boring or dead silent... wait I sound like a hypocrite, sorry! :p

Lets look at the current events going on in Edessa and I will post my thoughts on them, I expect others to do the same.

It seems the former close allies Asgard & Independent OUTCASTS have been at war for some time now, however it seems IO has now merged into The Rim Jobs. Which has most probably angered many in Asgard, could this lead to a new conflict in the south?

My answer - I personally think that TRT/TRJ have pretty much insulted there allies of Asgard knowing they were at war with IO. But I do not think there will be a war between them for now, however this could build up to a war which could heat things up in Edessa. Time will tell, although TRJ should respect the refugee policy and let Asgard take there claims as quick as they can then leave them alone.

HARPOON & TRT? If some of you remember, ex-Land of Lunacy members have merged into HARPOON which probably angered many in TRT/TRJ, but as we all can see no war has escalated, maybe minor skirmishes but that's about it. Everyone is probably thinking, is there going to be a war between the top 2, when will it happen?

My answer - Personally, I believe a war between TRT & HARPOON will most likely be the best Edessa has ever seen and if there is a war, whoever wins will change the balance of power in Edessa for good. The winner will come out on top and will be the most awed alliance on the server which could possibly then have a coalition of alliances to bring it down which may end up as a repeat just like what happened to HA many months ago.

Inactives in Edessa. The amount of inactives in Edessa is getting worse and worse. The top 5 alliances seem to be busy either conquering there own internals, ghosts or just easy targets. Edessa barely has over 1000 players left and it seems to be decreasing every day. Will this world last to the WW stage, next year?

My answer - I believe that the decrease of inactives will come to a halt at some point, as the most keen, loyal or determined players to become on top will stay in this world. By the time the WW stage is here, I reckon there will be over 500 active and it will remain that way until an alliance has built 4 out of 7 wonders. This world needs an exciting & thrilling war for it to survive, people are getting bored and that seems to be the problem with the lack of players in Edessa but it seems to be that way for many worlds around the same age as this server but then again, Inno is to blame for releasing so many new worlds after another in my opinion.

There isn't much else to say really but I thought I'll just lighten the forums up with something at least. Please post your thoughts/replies.



well goodness how things have changed since this was written


I think the opening of Helorus was what really screwed Edessa. A LOT of people jumped ship and went to Helorus as soon as it opened, which was only weeks after Edessa. And Helorus is already done!


On one thing he is right, this world has become one of the most boring I've been part of so far


rofl i would say its not the world its the ppl but ok we dont want to be unfair on this one i think this world got boring cause to many are leaving thats all but thats normal the strong stay till the end its nature
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