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We can tell them a little more than that, Martimax. Geesh. We own O56. We are not an MRA. If you wish to join, good luck, but you better be really good because we are very picky. You must participate in any and all planned ops and you must know how to do a timed attack. We eat our young if they do not grow and comply or become inactive.


Well described SheWolff.

Being active in the ops and supporting members under attack is cruicial if you seek to join Cyclops.
The ability of sitting in front of your computer and count down seconds to launch your attack at the right time is a requirement you should consider before even applying to Cyclops.
We do not take in just anyone (especially refugees, if it comes to our knowledge that you are one you can forget about joining us), we like experienced players and help newbies to learn the ropes. Fast learners grow in the alliance and become an important part of it, while those not willing or able to learn the ways of Grepo gets consumed as we have no room for dead weight.


Good luck. You seem to be a group of really good players.


Thanks, Boh. We have to stay on our toes with you guys as our next door


We rock, we rule,
We tear you being cool,
Cyclops! cyclops!

we hire, we fire,
or eat the ones we desire,
Cyclops! Cyclops!

'Join hands, be a part of us!'
is not whats in our prospectus!
cuz all we do is kill kill kill!
Cyclops! cyclops!

:D :D


We own O56 because:

Dark Legends - From 74 to 5 cities in O56.
AweShock - Gone....after ONE ops....only got to take 10 of their cities
One Nation - Gone
Clutch - Gone
Orion - Gone
the warriors of sparta - Gone
The Greats - Gone
Immortals - Gone
Scorpios of Death - Gone

Some of them ran to other alliances I am sure. But they are GONE.
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