Dagorhir Alliance: Full Contact Medieval Combat- Accepting Players into our Alliance!


Dagorhir Alliance: Full Contact Medieval Combat - Accepting Players into our Alliance. :)

Join our Alliance: (SW)

Why Join Dagorhir Alliance: We help each and every one of our players individually and as a whole succeed in Grepolis. The leader will help with some free supplies each day for new members, and make fair 1:1 trades with you also with supplies that you need once you are an established player. We try to have 2-3 players per island as group support in a small localized area in case of attack. Warthog will also flatten out several players on an island for you, so that you can farm those players each day. If you have questions and ask on our alliance forum, they are answered generally within 4-24 hours.

Majority of the players in this alliance play the medieval combat sport, but that is not a requirement of joining this fun alliance. We only ask that you are active, play just a few minutes everyday, and have fun when playing with us.

What is Dagorhir: Dagorhir is a 27 year old Full Contact Medieval Combat Sport played mainly in the USA, but also in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Iceland, England, Germany, Australia, and Japan. Infantry combat- no horses.

Have a nice day and come have fun with us! :)

Signed, Warthog of Gestiguiste
Aratari Realm
Leader of the Dagorhir Alliance in Grepolis