Dark Angels


You - 5 posts in this thread.
Me - 2 posts now, including this one.

Who is the spammer?
I gave feedback you did not. Seriously get a life, all you do is sit around in these forums, not making any helpful comments. Use your experience to give feedback to player with not much experience.


And Orphaeon, don't get me wrong, your alliance looks decent but you would attratce more people if you tweaked your external forum profile a bit (your in game profile looks good) and maybe change your name sometime to make it more unique(although Spartan Wolves is the worst name by far XD)
Thanks! The name can be addressed or tweaked, it´s not a major concern, even though we talked about it internally and members like it. As a result, I see absolutely no reasons to change it. :) After all, an alliance aims to also make the members feel good, besides beating the out of everyone else.

Still, the alliance is steadily evolving, it will certainly go through changes until reaching a more stable version.
Thank you for the rep!
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Yea, cool, you do that. I have better things to keep my mind busy with, fans is somewhere on the fifth place or so. (I admit, I have a reasonably sized ego)