Dark Brotherhood


-=★We are the Dark Brotherhood★═-​

We will help all our members in hard times to make our alliance the best​
We are the leaders of the ocean 64. On our side, you're safe.​


Contact (D)BossTony for anything involving alliances/player issues/war involvement/etc.



If you want to become a member of our Dark Brotherhood, You should possess the following qualities:

※Be active, at least once a day online
※Be a part of the group, check up the forums
※Have at least 1500 points (we make an exception for experienced players)
If you have less than 1500 points and you are new to this game, join the Dark Brotherhood Academy

To take the first step to greatness and join us, contact:
(D)BossTony or (D)OMMF

"If you're not with us, you're against us."
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