Dear alpha and friends


1. Alpha you all are just horrible at what you do. anyone good quit or jumped ship awhile back

2. Anyone allied to alpha congratz on having quite possibly one of the worst allies in all of grepolis. hope it was worth it

3. heres splatters... eeerrr i mean spillers profile

From March to September 2011 I was the Alpha of Alpha. Starting from almost nothing, we grew into becoming the strongest alliance in the Omicron world in August 2011. Around that time I also became the #1 ranked player in Omicron, before going inactive for a month or two. (this is a joke)

I value loyalty, communication, co-operation and respect. (bullcrap i know that first hand)

I may choose to conquer a city from you, but I will try to be polite. (he never got one of mine but he sure tried or gave orders to do so)

War doesn't determine who is right. War determines who is left. (well he wont be left)

I am a relatively nice guy, and I am half-young, free and single :) ( is this eharmony?)

4. anyone wanna challenge me on this?


mhhhm right right...except when my alliance fell it wasn't my alliance anymore was it?...when your alliance fell, rerose, fell again then came was all you guys...haha you even tried to take my alliance out when i was in charge and everyone started telling me and forwarding the votes...good quality leadership that was right? and last i checked you've done that twice now? hasn't worked out for ya huh? i wonder how many times i've done that? oh yea i haven't unlike you guys when i hate someone i don't turn into some two faced drama queen about it :) whats more sad is yall have tried it 3 times and didn't learn a thing obviously and are exactly where you were...anyone who takes a look at the stats would know my teams got better everytime theta compared to even tau, which got taken out by players 4 times most of it's sizes and was knocked out before it really got its gears grinding, had improved since theta...

and right loser...lots of friends both in game and RL? check. Varsity sports? check. Good grades? check. College bound? check. im a huge loser haha oh ps im not the one apperently trying to turn grepolis into a dating sight (; seriously i hadn't laughed that hard since my crazy wrestling coach had us throwing tires at eachother one day...