Pnp Defender of the Day


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Wednesday May 21, 2014

1800 hours

Akhmael is informed of incoming enemy attacks to two of his cities. 56 ZCC and 56 GV.
2100 hours

First attack hits 56 ZCC.

Thursday May 22, 2014

0000 hours

Bireme wall at 56 ZCC gets hit severely hard.
Attacks on 56 GV begin to land.
0200 hours

All Biremes stationed at 56 ZCC are destroyed.
0300 hours

Support arrives at 56 ZCC just in time.
All defensive units at 56 GV are wiped out. City is left empty with only four minutes before the CS hits.
0400 hours

Final battle.
0500 hours


Friday May 23, 2014

00:00 hours

Akhmael is awarded the defender of the day medal.