Delta weirdness


Did someone finally learn how to be quiet? ya think we are all that lucky BN?


Dont be mad because your trash is what got you where you are.....And unfortunatly ya brought the wrong gal's name into your mouth. Deal with it. But on a serious level, did you really think you had more friends ;)?


Life is often a calculation and decision making process Cronos90. For the record I intend to work fully in the global migration arena. I believe we have to come together as a world and with free movement of capital we have to have movement of people to enable all to have the decency of basics such as electric light. All I have written in my own work emphasizes that.

I know others here know what I am truly about and that is what matters. In terms of reality...this is a game. My end will be simple but I intend to hang about a little longer yet.

I played this game as a guy who took an alliance you all said was dead (for over a year now), and will retire with a highly active alliance that is holding its own against the server giant and in the top page. An alliance that none of you can now class as 'Noobs' or 'the Delta joke' and everything else we were called when I became leader. Indeed you are too busy discussing how to make prison alliances and all the usual arrogant things you say...

Straight off their forums.

I was a central figure to a lot of the play Cronos. Half your alliance is sending us support. When I am gone you will be finished. Just a matter of time. And from within.

In terms of lies...KS fought alongside Ares against GK. Their reward was you guys agitating and interfering in their alliance. The days of Ares holding their word is long long gone. So play the tune elsewhere mate.
DOA is honering diplomacy with ks. IOA is not, note that most times they are similar but not the same and ks did not help IOA with gk so check again....


I will be leaving the game. When the time is right. Not long to go.

Until then...keep sending those unescorted transports my way. Bliss.



Mwilliams no offence but you think your some mighty Margret Thatcher when your actually Margret Jones from down the street. Please if your going to comment here, save the you brought the wrong persons name, Im this Im that lalala from being brought into it. You annoy me