Diabolic Intent needs you! (O74)


Hello ladies and gents. Fine evening, innit? Let me get to it: We're bad-***. We're the #1 alliance in o74 (Something like 110% higher point-wise than the #2 alliance), and we have our scaly green arms open to a select few of you fine young people.

We want people with gall. Nerve. Finely tailored clothing. Skill. Dedication. Activity. A sense of humor. Skill. Finesse. A collection of golden monocles. Skill. Fearlessness. Activity. More dedication. Honor. Respect. And last but not least... reliability and trustworthiness.

If you feel like this is the alliance for you and that you can bring something to us, send me a message in-game. Must be located in o74, the NE corner of o65, or the NW corner of o75. We're right on the crossroads! :p

We value ABP more than points when we look at people. Show me whatcha got. :cool:
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I advise that you don't recruit in ocean 64 ;) but nevertheless,good luck. you don't look like an mra, so you lot look alright at the moment
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Why? Are they really seedy there in 64? My momma always warned me about the o64ers.


Do you have a cold? :p

We don't want any 064ers anyway. They always stealing my momma's purse.


is there anyone who is in a strong alliance but has no say in what is going on in the alliance???

dont like it???

want some say in what is going on???

join my alliance wich will give anyone who is bored in their alliance something they want to do.

dont be a slave to them getting them points be something.

:pro: leave a post for joining and dont leave random pointless posts.