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Could we perhaps get our forum more active? I was thinking maybe someone could write some news or update the players of what is what. I will volunteer if no one has any objection?
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News from the world...

No news. It seems that players are just interested in burning other players and of course the famouse mail when getting attacked. Otherwise no response except from one alliance.


Top 10 sink or swim world Dion

The following info is just an opinion and information stated here were collected from various websites


1. Oceans of pain
Players : 52
Towns: 2092

In the past week Oceans of pain had 50 conquests with an average growth of 19540 and gaining battle points seem to be their first priority with more than 800 000 for the week. It comes as no surprize as their 14 new alliance members gave them a boost in the right direction

2. Victorium
Players: 52
Towns: 1495

With 18 conquests for the week, all internal, it seems Victorium has had some vacation time. Losing 3 cities to other alliances and giving a few to Muirotciv. Whith only 330 000 bp gained it seems they are internally verry busy.

3. Triad
Players: 47
Towns: 1472

Looking at the world map it looks like Triad are firmly holding their core with a few surprising moves towards the west. They had 15 conquests this week it looks like half of them were internal. Having recieved 544 000 defending points it looks like someone kept them busy with escaping with a mere 180 000 battle points. Triad is thus for sure the defending alliance this week. With members coming and going daily, focus should be turned to making up your mind.

4. Hellhounds
Players: 55
Towns: 1247

With just 3 conquests for the week and 199 000 bp gained seems the hounds are barking up the wrong tree. Not defending to much either this week one would ask what they are doing. The answer? They are having an actual vacation. With more members in vacation mode than online, they will struggle with internals as the inactive list keeps growing.

5. Oceans veterans
Players: 60
Towns: 1080

With all thats been going on OV managed to squeeze in a few conquests but according to The Oracle of Zancle has had 0 for the week. Growing with 257 00 points, I'll say that is a miss print. Now 240 000 battle points gained and 1300 defending points it looks like hitting were their objective this

6. Muirotciv
Players: 35
Towns: 445

Not sure how to report on this alliance. Jumping up and down each day it is safe to say they are
In 6th place city point wise. With 44 000 att point but 12 conquests it seems they are running the free bee train. No more information available

7. Hellhounds.
Players: 32
Towns: 385

Spiraling downwards with a negative growth of -840 000 points makes them the sinking alliance for this week. 38 000 battle points gained and just about the same in defending assuming they joined their pact alliance on vacation.

8. .TCM.
Players: 23
Towns: 316

70 000 battle points and 13 conquests later this little alliance is moving faster than Heliopelis. Losing valuable players they still seem to be able to siege two towns a day on average. With just 9000 defending points it almost looks like island quests are now history and greener pastures are what they are looking for. Focused and stable they seem to hold head upbove water.

9. Dawn of the Titans - got drowned
10. Legion xiii - floats on refugees
11. House of pain - receiving medical treatment
12 - Pihla Viitala - not on actual world so disqualified, with just two members I doubt any one will notice
The 43 foundings on o11 and o12

Conclusion: The Oracle of Zancle and Grepolife could atleast agree on city counts, but are still debating actual game info. If any one reads this please ask the alliance leaders to send Moppettte some info please. Dion seems to be cut of from the world.

Next week: ... lets see