disbelief in the game.



I'm disappointed in how people play these days. If i showed you my face it would be something like this

A mix of disappointment, disbelief, disapproval: yes a lot of dis.

Golding : ok if you want to use your money then good for you.
honour : where has it gone?

I'm just sick of lack of loyalty of people these days. It's not the first world ive joined in the past year where people just jump ship to the enemy so they don't get attacked. Makes me think, whats the point in actually playing if there is no honour of fighting to defend your alliance ? Not only that, i don't think alliances should have spies/informants in other alliances. Makes me sick. Can't you just play the game like everyone else ? i know people love their little spies but i got taught a certain honour in my first years of playing grepolis, doesn't anyone have any honour anymore? If someone gives me info and is in enemy alliance i inform enemy leaders of these actions, the least i could do.

Maybe i should congratulate the 'knights of the Orient' for their use of spies and informants ? is that what grepolis has come to ?

well done.

*end of rage*
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