Announcement Discussion announcement!


Since we now have a hardworking, dedicated Tanuki and a slightly less amazing Durmanush modding the gameplay discussions section we have decided to start holding frequent discussions. These will differ from the DnD section as they are geared more to helping newer players learn to play the game. In addition to this, they will be about aspects of gameplay and relevant to Grepolis not about world issues. We hope to have as many of you as possible partaking in the discussion so both Tanuki and Durmanush will be open to suggestions as to what discussions the community are interested in.

The first discussion will be which god you select for your first city and why? You can find the gameplay discussions sections here and our first discussion here.

Please note that although there will be some leeway with the rules, calling other players opinions stupid, or mocking less experienced players will not be allowed and will be dealt with accordingly.