Disfavour of the gods

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  1. Scipio Italicus

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    As a player who recently joined and finds himself being bullied by certain alliances and its so called sister alliance i would like to make a proposal

    If an alliance keeps attacking a player all the time like whats happening to me ie now have no army or fleet due to attacks from multiple accounts some of which i believe are multi account holders then these cities should face an action beyond their control

    1.Disappearance of attackers city ie the sinking of Atlantis when an alliance keeps attacking a player daily one member has one of their many cities picked at random and the gods reduce it to beginner status as in all buildings are levelled back to level 1 and all troops killed

    2.Other option is alliances cannot make more than a set number of attacks on any given city in a certain time frame
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    Sep 8, 2012
    I strongly disagree.
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