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Sniping Guide

Hi Guys,

Due to recent events i have decided to take some time to put a detailed sniping guide together to help people learn the fine art of CS Sniping.

This guide will cover everything from identifying when there is a cs inbound all the way through to the sucessful drowning of the CS :D

Identifying the CS

Ok, so the first step in the road to any sniping is to correctly identify the incoming cs. the easiest and quickest way to do this is to check the attack times of every attack that lands at your city after the revolt turns red. To check the attack times you have a look at the travel time of the incoming attacks and then check how long it would take for you to send a cs at his city from the attacked city. You don't need to have a cs in the city at the time you can just input the numbers.


As you can see from this picture the cs attack time to the enemy city is 3:12:21 so if, when the enemy attack is sent, the travel time is similar to this the chances are very high it is an enemy cs. You must, however, bear in mind that the Lighthouse Special Building and the Research 'Cartography' and 'Set Sail' all affect the travel time for a Colony Ship so you must take those into account.

Snipe Timing

Ok, so you've identified that there's a CS inbound and you have the time so now what?

At this point you have to check the travel times of the Biremes you will be using to snipe and calculate when you will need to roughly launch the Biremes.
There are a number of Methods that are widely used to do the Calculations

1.) Attack Planner
The Attack Planner is probably the best way to calculate Launch Times because you only need to input a few figures and you have your launch time. I'm not going to go into detail about the functions of the Attack Planner in this guide but if you are unsure on how to access it or use it you can find a comprehensive guide on it here.

2.) The Old Fashioned Method
This is probably the most time consuming method but some people still prefer to get out a pen and paper and manually work out all the timings for the launch times. It is the long winded way to find out launch times but as i said some people enjoy doing it.

3. Excel/Online Spreadsheets
This Method is probably the most popular of the 3. A lot of people have set up their own spreadsheets with pre-entered Formulae so that all they have to input to find a launch time is the Target Time and the Travel Time. Depending on how adept a person is with spreadsheets this can the best way to work out timings for multiple cities and multiple CS's simultaneously.

4.) Difference in Projected Times
This Method is also quite popular with players. It involves setting up a support and getting a landing time then checking the CS landing time and Working out the launch time with the Time Difference between the projected Arrival time for the Biremes and the CS Arrival time.

Ok, so at this point you have a rough Launch Time for your snipe. Now comes the fun part:

The Snipe Launch

Ok, so up till now we have determined:
1.)The Landing time of the CS and,
2.)The rough launch time for the biremes

It's at this point that you have to prepare to launch the Biremes. (We can assume you've waited to the launch time at this point :D )

Determining the best specific time of launch from the Rough Estimate that you calculated can be a tough choice and there are a number of factors that should be considered.

1. Timer Variance
As you all know the timer will always jump one way or another and this should always be considered when you launch the snipe. If you are launching multiple snipes it is sometimes best to play it safe with your bigger waves and risk it with the smaller waves by leaving it later to send them

2. The Window of Opportunity
The window of opportunity is the Time Gap between the last clearing attack and the CS attack. You should always consider this because if there is a bigger gap (say 10secs) then you can play it safer with the birs and get as many waves into that 10 second window as possible. If there is only 2 or 3 seconds in the Time Gap however, you will need to risk it and launch closer to the CS where it could potentially jump to land after the CS. Make no mistakes Sniping a CS is a lot of balancing risk and reward but if you have the opportunity to lessen the risk then you should take it.

So once you have considered these factors and made a decision on when you are going to launch then it's time to do just that.

As well as the time and skill that goes into sniping a CS there is also more than a small slice of luck involved so don't get disheartened if you fail to snipe a CS. As the saying goes 'If at first you don't succeed, Try, Try Again'. The persistence will pay off in the end

If you have the patience and are willing to put the time into Sniping then you can be a formidable asset to any alliance you are part of. Sniping is a very important aspect of defending when there are Ops Running and there isn't enough Defense around to completely protect all cities. It is part of the game and is a skill that is a valuable extra tool in any players arsenal.

Extra Tips

Slow Transports/LS/Triremes/FireShips
If you want extra attempts when sending snipes from one city always have a Slow Transport in the city. This is due to the speed of the Slow transport which is very slow :D. But it does provide a second opportunity on a longer Travel time for you to get that snipe times close to the cs. LS/Triremes/Fireships can be used in the same way because they are slower than Biremes so having a Slow transport, an LS and possibly a Trireme and a Fireship in every Bireme city is very beneficial. Although research constraints can restrict using some of these having even one of them doubles your chance of getting a good snipe in.

More Advanced Tactics

The Backsnipe
The Backsnipe is a technique that lets you snipe a cs at the city that the biremes live. The gist of it is to send out the biremes from the city to dodge the clearing attacks but cancelling the outbound support to land between the last clearing attack and the CS. It involves a lot of time and also involves being able to time accurately. You first have to work out what your window is as normal and then work out how much time there is between the first clearing attack and the last one. You then send the Biremes out just before the first clearing and cancel them a couple of seconds over the halfway point and providing timing is on your side they'll land just after the last clearing attack.

Multiple Command Window Technique
This technique allows you to send 3 snipes within a short duration by being able to quickly resend the Biremes using multiple support windows. For this technique the Administrator makes it easier. You can see in this pic how you can fit all the Support boxes and the Command Overview on the same page.

To set this technique you open up the support boxes as above and input the Biremes you will be sniping with into each box. Then when it is time to send the snipe you send from the first box, check the commands list to the left and if the snipe is too early or late you quickly cancel it. You then send it from the second box when the recall timer hits 00:00:00 on the command list. You then repeat the steps for support boxes 2 and 3. This is a good technique because if you practice and can get a quick turnaround when checking and cancelling then you can realistically get 3 snipe attempts in within 10-15 seconds. Be warned though it takes a lot of practice to use this technique, you can't just decide to use it straight off the bat and expect to be able to do it. As the saying goes 'Practice makes Perfect' and although you can't really achieve perfection with the snipe itself you can achieve perfection on your techniques.

That's all for now i think,

Hope this guide has helped you out and i welcome any feedback seeing as this is the first Grepolis Guide I have written.

Ash AKA Gunnellator :)
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This is a very useful guide that could be enhanced by a couple of other observations

1. You can of course snipe with troops as well as Birs

2. This guide covers just "Defensive Sniping" used in Revolt Worlds. In Conquest Worlds you can also use "Offensive Sniping" which involves sniping the CS once it has landed but before the support arrives. Here you would use LS and Offensive Troops.


Sniping with Land units

Sniping with own land units is more secured method ever.
It just requires that the city being conquered has a sizeable land defense force or a sizeable land attack force.
Do the sniping time calculations and then send an atack to one farm you do not own in the island (Always leave one farm unconquered). Look at the time on the left of the main screen, not on the time displayed on the attack window and recall your troops.

Check for Snoop's guide for more details.


In revolt worlds you need adequate wall and good troop size for def sniping