DurrrForceOne-We like dolphins


Welcome to the DurrrForceOne, one of the Rising Forces of Theta. We started off as a group of close friends who didn't think we'd make it far, but now are a force to be reckon with like Shaquille O'neal in a hot dog eating contest. United we stand to form an impeccable juggernaut prepared to do battle with any and all who oppose, or fight along side whoever sees fit to call us brethren

"Whenever an era dies another era begins"

Durrrr10- Our sexy leader. Hes the grenade happy maniac on halo, who has transferred his destructive, yet tranquil ways to grepolis, leading us misfits to greatness. He is the most devious of the bunch, and is not one to be messed with (meaning you dont poke him with a stick when hes drunk)

ShugzZ- Shugilicious the WBL. She is co founder of DurrrForceOne, and keeps the madman aka our sexy leader in control. She loves the color purple, but if you attack her she wont stop till she sees red. yaddamean? She also loves little kids named rushon *cough that is all

Fimbus- The Flying Pakistani. Hes our leader in points and is our resident BP whore. He's British, so sometimes hes our diplomatic leader :p. This curry fueled machine is the personification of domination, as he gets cities by the second.

Trelos21r- Petros the Magnificent. He is a greek grepolis legend, and possible one of the greatest. He even won a grepolis T-Shirt! He is an unrelenting force, capable of whiping you out in a Milli second. This man is like a school of piranha wrapped up into one person. He is our main diplomat.

Maskmen- OG Kushmeister. He is the monster under your bed. Whenever you smell vanilla, you'll be thinking of Maskmen. He likes to sound like a chipmunk on PS3, but when you get him mad, he'll use the jigsaw voice. Belie Dat

Subinac- Megaladon. Welcome to the Nation of Bislam. The offspring of Zeus, attacks you with inexplicable force which is unseen from a new comer. With impeccable good looks to match. Kind of a crazy guy.

Vtsop- The Paper Hat. Another Greek Grepolis legend, he loves showing people his compass. He really likes it when you attack him with biremes. Is also one of our diplomats.

Grepolsv- The Sonic hater. The demon with great hands, he is our latest up and comer. He likes long walks on the beach, and loves it when you call him big poppa

Euroboy2- The sell out

We are looking for active, up and coming players to join us in our quest for greatness.

rest of profile under construction

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DF1 Ftw :cool:
We are one tightly knit group who will not go down easily, but either way we are here to have some fun and take over some land xD
Anyone who wants to join us, your more then welcome..

Thanks for the thread cani, its truly ur touch LOL <3
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LOL good job with the thread Cani, things funny as heck :p
And lol at that lee evans vid!


Feat, i can honestly say i never wanted you to leave, more because i was a noob and didn't fully understand why everyone was mad at you :p
You should start dropping by the xat more often bro :D like now xD, i miss that (Wary)
This is Raffy btw lol
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Such a great alliance this was...2 banned members and the rest ducked their tails like scared spaniels and quit...RIP Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Yash... I Lold' When I Looked At Their Profile :3 Cities By The Sec. I LOLd' So HArd :p Yash All U Have Now IS 3 Cities and 4members 0_0 LOL