Dyme Ocean 25 DEAD


Due to the fact that an alliance has declared that any player that has over 3000 points will be attacked and have his city conquered. I would not recommend anyone to play here. And they declare on their alliance profile " WE ARE AN HONORABLE ALLIANCE" So if you are an active player that enjoys a game try and find another ocean.

This is the message I received from their alliance leader

Your alliance was highlighted a few weeks ago. An up and coming alliance that if active up could be a problem to us as we will be very busy in the upcoming weeks. I instructed our alliance players in the north to conquer players in the north but only city's with 3000+ points.


Perhaps they should be looking the other direction instead of in alliance rankings


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Psh, I might have to come back to Dyme for this! Quite amusing, although it'll never work. Oh, how I love the rim :)


OMG...A war game and people threatening to take you out,the shock horror :eek: bad grepo :p


wow, such low standards, wait till your food weighs at least 5k :rolleyes: nubcakes.


Or grow a pair and attack players/alliances that will make it fun, if this world wasn't such horrible settings id be up for some fun in O25