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Dyme Weekly
Christmas Edition
Message from the Author:
Hey everyone, it's Christmas Eve in my time and I promised this on the eve of Christmas. Today I have interviews...somehow. I gave them a 3rd attempt for this issue and they were answered. So a thanks goes to those who I interviewed. Hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas.

Top 12 Alliances
1. 300 Spartans - 2nd ABP, 9th DBP, 2nd TBP
Success depends on organisation and activity more so for 300 Spartans than any other alliance in this world. They have the start they need but they must accelerate quickly.
Rating: 7/10

2. Warpath - 4th in ABP, 7th in DBP, 5th in TBP
A solid group of players and leaders, with good positioning they could be an early contender depending on which alliance they next go for.
Rating: 8/10

3. Mysterious 1st ABP, 2nd DBP, 1st TBP
They are just getting away from the pack in terms of BP, which means they can take a lot more cities than most alliances. They will rise in point rankings after the peacetime.
Rating: 8.5/10

4. Atomic 3rd in ABP, 4th in DBP, 3rd in TBP
See 2

5. Global Legion of Chaos 5th in ABP, 13th in DBP, 6th in TBP
See 1

6. Illuminati 9th in ABP, 16th in DBP, 10th in TBP
A rim alliance, we'll see how they fair once they meet the core alliances.
Rating: 6/10

7. Byzantine Empire 8th in ABP, 6th in DBP, 8th in TBP
I personally believe them to be slightly over rated. They are yet to prove themselves. It reminds me of my alliance in Paros. After day 1 of the merge Truculence this, Truculence that. Hopefully Byzantine Empire can do a repeat and take a lot of ABP.
Rating: 7/10

8. Sinergy 15th ABP, can't find them DBP, 17th TBP
I don't know all that much about them, and what's to know really.They need to focus on getting ABP's up. From there stems point growth.
Rating: 6.5/10

Interview with ul Konka of Synergy
1. Sinergy has risen in points quite a lot in recent times, how was this done?
We are a new alliance, but we have been focused on growing our cities to prepare for when the largest alliances start conquering inter-ocean. What do you know, we turned into a power.

2. Although Sinergy has risen in points, it's Attack Battle Points are still low, is this an area you will likely be targeting to improve in?
Definitely! We are... 'new' to Dyme as opposed to the other large alliances, so we still have some time to catch up.

3. Do you feel comfortable wedged between United Allies and Illuminati?
Yes, there is no denying they have been more aggressive but I am confident Sinergy will work together to successfully overcome any enemy we come across.

4. Where do you want your alliance to be in a month?
I want players to be well underway gaining cities, expanding into new territories and overcoming any foes.[/I

Interview with stingerusmc of Global Legion of Chaos
1.Are you considering losing a few of the outlying members of your alliance, those located (in some cases) over 2 oceans away?
not realy

2.Do you have any concerns at the moment? It seems as though Global Legion of Chaos is in great positioning.
i am making sure my guys are building and expanding

3.What would you say to those people who call your alliance an MRA?
i dont care what others say! we have alot of fun in this alliance. this is a game and it should be fun. besides it doesnt mater till later in the world

4.Hypothetically, if you could be a part of any other alliance in Dyme (Global Legion of Chaos doesn't exist) who would you choose to join?
that is tough. i have played in the same alliance with alot og players on this world so it would depend where i was located

Interview with Rberni of Byzantine Empire
1. Byzantine Empire is well rated and respected by many people, do you feel your alliance deserves that respect at this moment and do you think it it's a good thing?
No idea what the other alliances think about BE. Is it deserved? I guess only they can be the judge on that. As far as being a good thing or not it can be a dual edged sword. It will keep some alliances from attacking us but also make some alliances feel threatened and move towards creating a coalition against us. The key to this game is patience. It is extremely hard to wipe out a determined alliance that understands how to play the game. I can recall single opponents on other servers able to withstand punishment from entire alliances and end the game with over 100 cities.

2. What is your alliance working towards?
To win, of course.

3. Are we likely to see a rise in ABP anytime soon?
Anything is possible. Currently we are not at war with anyone. We had a little mini war when BP ended but that didn't last long. There are rumors of a certain alliance trying to move towards a multi-cooperative pact to remove us but we will see how that goes.

4. Are you concerned being positioned between Warpath, Mysterious and Atomic?
I wouldn't say we are concerned. We are wary that at any time the situation could become precarious but are very patient and determined so I have no doubts that we will ride out whatever happens.

5. What is the bare minimum you want Byzantine Empire to achieve on this world?
Again, to win. Not sure what other options there could be. I see too many people concerned with stats and numbers and all that mumbo-jumbo. Sure, it may look impressive, but it is all meaningless in the end. The people that win are the ones that don't give up.

And lucky last, Interview with furyreturns of 300 Spartans (this interview was a few weeks ago)
1. How would you describe 300 Spartans?
300 is a democratic and aggressive alliance.
2. What alliances do you see as threats in your area?
we see chaos as our main threat but whoever further threatens our rule in ocean 54 will die just like chaos is right now
3. What goals has your alliance set for this world?
our goal is to simply expand and get deep roots into ocean 54 and make sure that we complete world wonders without an issue.
4. How is the atmosphere and general mood of the players in 300 Spartans? Good, bad etc.
The mood of ppl in 300 is extremely nice and I am very proud of my members. without their efforts hard work and tiring support for each other I would have never been so successful.

Guess who'se back?
RAFjock has been reincarnated, but not as a jock, but as RAFguy. Unsurprisingly he already splurged his pocket money on a few nice cities. It's alright, we here at Adeptus and I'm sure others do as well know that RAF(Insert Word) loves to give cities so I'm sure he'll give it up for Christmas.

Further things to note~
RAFguy believes that RAFjock got banned for life because he let a refugee into the alliance.
RAFguy knows things only RAjock would know
And the most obvious point, RAFjock = RAFguy

This isn't really news I am sorry...but there isn't a lot to be honest.

Last editions winners have trolled me. They tied, so I asked them to pick a number. They both picked the same number. This week we are doing another number draw because I am tired and it's Christmas Eve.
Post Numbers 1-30 and I will draw the number.
NO DOUBLING UP ON NUMBERS or else the 2nd person to post it will be disqualified. <----Not very Christmassy

Well, I am done :) I will be entering on the 26th up until the 15th of January (possibly later) so do not expect another issue till late January-Early Febuary

Thanks to all who read it



I liked it; one more thing about rafjock/guy, they share the same profile photo.


Nice paper buddy. Both of them + rep goodluck keeping the forums alive! As far as GLoC being an MRA... has anybody ever thought that maybe we just have more friends than you do ;) J/k guys.



Nice paper but i noticed teh top 12 analysis only goes up to 8 ;D


300 Spartans is gone, and Mysterious is split. What is happening in Dyme?


300 Spartans is gone, and Mysterious is split. What is happening in Dyme?

The Dyme buffet has opened up, serving up both seasoned players and tasty cities to alliances large and small... Tee hee..